Awesome Resources

SAMHSA publishes a TON of resources that can be useful in clinical practice. Many of these Treatment Improvement Protocols of TIPs contain useful forms and assessment instruments in the appendices. Most are available in .pdf for download. There are three main types of publications TIPs which are detailed manuals that discuss current best practices in the field as they relate to a specific problem or population. Quick Guides–These cover the same information as TIPs, but they are the Cliff’s Notes version. They are good for a quick refresher, but, IMHO dangerous to use as a sole source of information. Finally, there are KAP KEYs. These laminated cards highlight what are thought to be the most important points of the TIP. For example, the KAP KEYs for TIP 35: Motivational Enhancement highlighted the FRAMES approach. Each of these tools has a unique place in every treatment center. Link to SAMHSA Publications