TIP 51 Special Treatment Needs of Women--6 HoursInformation
TIP 54 Treating Patients with Co-Occurring Disorders and Chronic Pain (10 Hours)Information
Managing Chronic Pain in Patients with Substance Use Disorders (2 hours)Information
Facilitating Client Centered Learning (2 hours) Information
Behavior Modification and Treatment Planning (2 Hours)
Adult Education 6 HoursInformation
Anger Management (4 Hours)Information
Client and Personal Safety (4 Hours)Information
Client Centered Care (8 Hours)Information
Co-Occurring Disorders TIP 42 (30 Hours)Information
Co-Occurring Disorders: Brief Interventions (20 Hours)Information
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 2 HoursInformation
Communication Skills 2 HoursInformation
Complicated Grief (4 Hours)Information
Crisis Intervention (15 Hours)Information
Crisis Intervention Quick Guide (2 Hours)Information
Life Skills 4 HoursInformation
Motivational Interviewing and Co-Occurring Disorders (15 Hours)Information
Motivational Interviewing Intro 4 HoursInformation
Multicultural Counseling 4 HoursInformation
Multicultural Issues in Counseling (20 Hours)Information
Psychological First Aid (7 Hours)Information
Recovery and Resilience 2 HoursInformation
Self Determination and Wrap Around Philosophy 4 HoursInformation
Substance Abuse Group Counseling: TIP 41 (20 Hours)Information
TIP 50 Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance AbuseInformation
TIP 51 Addiction Treatment and the Special Needs of Women (20 Hours)Information
TIPs 46 and 47 Issues in Intensive Outpatient Treatment (30 Hours)