Current Openings

AllCEUs is growing at an astonishing rate.  We are regularly looking for good people to join our team.

Title: Business Developer (3 openings as of 9/2013)
Job Type: Contract
Pay: $10 commission per paid registration
There are nearly a million people in the United States who are, or want to become, counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists.  AllCEUs provides precertification and continuing education to those people.  Currently we have only tapped about 1% of the market.  We are looking for motivated, self-starters who are interested in helping us get the word out about  Each developer has a dedicated region and affiliate code.  If you are interested in becoming a business developer, email HR{at} with a cover letter indicating why you believe in AllCEUs as an organization, and how you would (ethically) go about getting the word out.  Many of our developers have made more than $40 per hour.