Video CEU Courses for Counseling

AllCEUs is proud to offer some of the best video CEU courses in the market.  These courses are very popular with our customers, and we have many more videos in production at the moment.

Below are listed our courses with videos delivered in out e-learning classroom.  In the near future, you will be able to watch our videos in the classroom, through streaming protocols, and through the iPhone and many other mobile platforms.  This multi-platform compatibility and high-quality delivery represent top technology for e-learning delivery.

Our investment in the technology to deliver high-quality e-learning experiences keeps our customers coming back over and over.  (And recommending us to their friends!)

Videos are here:

Below are our current video courses:

Assessment & Screening for Co-Occurring Disorders -20 CEUs
Assisting Families- 5 CEUs
Bipolar and Depression- 15 CEUs
Child Abuse and Neglect- 20 CEUs
Client Centered Care- 8 CEUs
Crisis Intervention- 15 CEUs
Culture of Addiction Video- 2 CEUs
Documentation- 15 CEUs
Domestic Violence- 5 CEUs
Elder Care Special Topics- 3 CEUsVideo 
Ethics & Professional Identity- 30 CEUs
Ethics- 3CEUs
HIV  2009 -10 CEUsVideo  
Medical Errors Florida Board Approved 
Methamphetamine War Video- 4 CEUs
Panic Disorder -6 CEUs
Pharmacology 101- 20 CEUs
PTSD and Acute Stress Disorder- 9 CEUs
Promoting Wellness Video- 6 CEUs
Rape Trauma Stress Disorder
Suicidality Treatment- 15 CEUs
TIP 25 Domestic Violence & Abuse 
TIP 26 Substance Abuse and Elderly
TIP 27 & 38 Case Management &Referral- 20CEUs
TIP 30 Continuity of Offender Treatment
TIP 31 & 32 Treating Adolescents with Addictions- 10 CEUs
TIP 34 Dual Disorders Brief Interventions- 20CEUs
TIP 35 Motivational Interviewing and Dual Disorders- 15 CEUs
TIP 37 HIV and Bloodborne Pathogens 
TIP 41 Group Counseling- 20 CEUs
TIP 42 Co-Occurring Disorders- 30 CEUs
Tobacco Prevention  Video- 8 CEUs
Treatment Planning- 10 CEUs

And more…