Contact Hours: 20

Instructor:  Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP,   


  • Explore societal subgroups
  • Discuss the unique risk factors female substance abusers face.
  • Develop treatment engagement strategies for use with female substance abusers.
  • List the possible outcomes of substance use in pregnant women.
  • Articulate questions for use in screening women for past trauma.
  • Discuss skills for treating female substance abusers in special populations and settings.
  • Identify female-specific predictors of relapse.
  • Be able to implement the STaT Intimate Partner Screening Tool.
  • Discuss the CSAT's Comprehensive Treatment Model.
  • Compare and contrast the differing physiological effects drug and alcohol use has on female substance abusers as opposed to male substance abusers.
  • Identify common assessments used to detect substance abuse in women.

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