Contact Hours: 3

Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

Based on:   Resilience: An Update.  Steven M. Southwick, MD, Robert H. Pietrzak, PhD, MPH, Jack Tsai, PhD, and John H. Krystal, MD  National Center for PTSD and Yale University School of Medicine.  PTSD Research Quarterly VOLUME  25/NO. 4 2015


  • Define Resilience
  • Learn about Individual/Personal and Family Resilience
  • Explore Organizational Resilience
  • Define Community Resilience
  • Discuss How Culture Influences Resilience
  • List Factors That Promote Resilience
  • Conceptualize How Personal Resilience Built
  • Highlight What Can Be Done to Promote Family Resilience
  • Explore How Community Resilience Fostered

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