Contact Hours: 6

Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP

Text: Psychotherapeutic Medications: What Every Counselor Should Know   Mid Atlantic ATTC/SAMHSA Publiction:


  • Review the use of Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, and  Antipsychotic/Atypical Antipsychotic medications in the treatment of mental health and co-occurring disorders
  • Discuss the varied clinical picture when there is a co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issue
  • Examine the current information regarding the use of pharmacotherapy in the treatment of behavioral addictions
  • Generic and Brand Medication Names
  • Purpose
  • Usual Dose and Frequency
  • Potential Side Effects
  • Emergency Conditions
  • Cautions
  • Substance Use Disorders Treatment Medications