novaStrategic Alliances and Business Development

Does your business depend on referrals from mental health and addiction clinicians?  AllCEUs has provided continuing education to over 16,000 clinicians and we reach tens of thousands more each week. AllCEUs has been a leading provider of continuing education to mental health and addictions counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers and nurses since 2006. We actively promote our site through licensure and certifying bodies, and nearly all of our members are clinicians or training to be clinicians in facilities throughout the United States. By advertising with us, your agency will enjoy increased exposure through our site which: We have over 16,000 members in our AllCEUs database

  • Dr. Snipes has more than 14,000 clinical connections on LinkedIn
  • Our Pinterest page receives 50,000 views per month
  • Counselor Toolbox receives 20,000 listens per week
  • We have over 10,000 subscribers to our YouTube channel
    • 2015 videos in other people's play lists
    • ~500 videos are shared each month


Targeted advertising to counselors throughout the country

Counselor Toolbox Podcast

Counselor Toolbox launched in 2016 and has skyrocketed to the number 2 slot in counseling on ITunes.  We produce two episodes per week and are showing continued growth.  We only accept one advertiser per show.  With more than 12,000 listens per week, you can quickly reach counselors and clinical directors.

Podcasts are promoted on our website, through Dr. Snipes 17,000+ LinkedIn and Facebook connections, in the Counselor Toolbox LinkedIn group which has over 3500 members, and in various other professional LinkedIn and Facebook groups to which we belong.

We offer two options to meet your needs:

  • Sponsor a show:  Cost: $500 per show.  Discounts are available if you sponsor 8 or more shows.
    • You get an slide in the PowerPoint which contains an image of your choosing and up to a 50 word description.  The video version of the podcast is uploaded to our YouTube channel.
    • The promotional message which goes in the podcast can be up to 30 seconds in length.
  • Special Advances in Clinical Practice Episode highlighting your facility (approximately 45 minute interview with you and a clinical representative): Cost $1500 per show.   This is also released both as a podcast and posted on our YouTube channel for a year.