Continuing Education

AllCEUs is a CCAPP approved provider for continuing education.  Access unlimited CEUs for $59/month or $99/year, or purchase courses a la carte for $3/credit hour.

With our specialty tracks you can earn your CEUs and demonstrate expertise in areas such as sex addiction and trauma informed care.

Addiction Professional PRE-Certification Training

ADCS Institute

Preferred Provider for precertification training
CCAPP Approved Addiction Counselor PRE-Certification Training Program

Complete In Under 12 Months.
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CCAPP requires that Addiction Counselor Preparation programs be based in California in order to offer not only the academic course work, but also the internship, so AllCEUs' trainings do not qualify for PREcertification training.

NOTE: Preferred providers are not affiliated with AllCEUs, and maintain their own CCAPP approval numbers.