Journey to Recovery

Self-help workbook with 372 pages of practical exercises to develop the understanding of chemical and behavioral addictions and the skills needed to be happy, healthy and sober.


on April 17, 2015
Great all around book for anyone struggling to understand people with addictions life's issues. Very much designed to help a person develop a well rounded perspective and healthy habits. Very beneficial!



on April 17, 2015
Written by a true expert on the subject of Addiction and Mental Health Issues. Dr. Snipes has studied and interviewed her way to a very high level of understanding of many of the causes, effects of and treatments for todays Addictions and Mental Health Problems. Here the author offers many techniques and practical tools that can be used by those who have been negatively impacted by Addictions and Mental Health issues.Within this informative and easy to understand text, you will find guidance through a number of self help exercises that can lead to noticed improvements when followed. This book provides both the Addict and their friends and family members who suffer with them, a better understanding of what can be done to aid in their recovery. Everyone who takes the time to read it will benefit from this book.
Farnell Cole

on April 16, 2015

Great content that covers a wide range of knowledge. Well written. This book information flows in a way that it doesn't just help with addictions, but provides great knowledge for anyone reading it. I don't believe there is a person alive who would read this book and not walk away with some useful tips to help them understand themselves better and improve their life. This isn't a little pamphlet self-help book, this is a workbook with exercises to lead you to improvement. Over 300 pages!

It is obvious that the author is a true expert in the mental health and addiction fields. She has so much to share across many different domains. I can't wait to see what the later books in the series have in store.


Charles the I.T. Guy

Excellent for those in recovery as well as a clinician's resource!

For those ready to start their journey to recovery this book is an excellent guide. I will definitely include this in my counselor's toolbox as a practical workbook resource for the client. It is indeed comprehensive and yet not overwhelming to the target audience. It is insightful and lays an excellent foundation for those in recovery.

Maureen Ruble, M.S.W.

on April 18, 2015
Dr. Snipes years of scholarship, practice and training is evident in this book. It is comprehensive, easy to read, and insightful. Not only is this an ideal book for the recovering person, but it is a great book for counselors-in-training. With this book, faculty members like myself can provide future mental health counselors with the knowledge and skills needed to aid this population as they seek to be freed from their addiction.


Cyrus R. Williams

on May 14, 2015
I've known Dr. Snipes for almost two decades and have always found her counsel rewarding and valuable. I'm sure that readers of her new book will as find that support and assistance valuable. Journey to Recovery struck me as a very useful and sobering primer on addiction and recovery for a reader who many not be aware of the full range of challenges and issues related to addiction. I was impressed with the accessible language and matter of fact exercises that develop into a rewarding self assessment across a spectrum of topics related to addition. Always thought provoking, often challenging, but ultimately rewarding, these questions lead a reader to a useful self-summary of their tendencies or challenges, as well as open doors to recovery for people in need of support. I would heartily recommend to anyone wondering about addition issues.


Mark Wilkinson

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