Addictions Treatment and Older Adults TIP 26 (6 Hours)

  • Describe the prevalence of substance abuse in older American adults.
  • Describe the need for treatment of substance abuse disorders in older adults.
  • Identify how the physical effects of normal aging can affect the way an older person responds to alcohol or other drugs.
  • Identify older adult screening criteria for substance use disorders.
  • Identify risk factors in older adults for substance abuse.
  • List physical symptoms that can potentially signal the development of addiction.
  • Describe delirium and dementia.
  • List indications for inpatient substance detoxification.
  • Describe brief interventions for substance abuse.
  • Describe the FRAMES Approach.
  • Explain the different types of treatment settings and their individual characteristics.
  • Explain the different treatment approaches and their individual characteristics.
  • Describe age specific staffing needs.
  • Identify resources for older adults and treating substance abuse in older adults.
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