-|- Interventionist Certification Training

Mental health and addiction intervention is a growing field, but it is essential to have the skills and tools to effectively conduct an intervention without causing harm to the identified patient or the family.  Interventionists do not provide assessment or counseling, they work with the family to try to help motivate an individual to seek out counseling. It is highly recommended that you mentor under a certified interventionist in addition to taking the academic training.

This course provides at minimum, the following training:

  • 2 Hours What is Intervention?
  • 6 Hours Addiction Specific Training
  • 15 Hours in Detoxification and Medical Emergencies
  • 3 Hours in Screening
  • 5 Hours in Pharmacology
  • 3 Hours in Sex Addiction
  • 3 Hours in Gambling Addiction
  • 10 Hours in Pre-Intervention and Intervention Models and Skills
  • 12 Hours in Family Systems
  • 12 Hours n Motivational Interviewing
  • 6 Hours in Crisis Intervention
  • 10 Hours in Treatment Placement and Aftercare
  • 10 Hours n Case Management
  • 8 Hours in Ethics and Documentation
  • A final, comprehensive online exam
  • OPTIONAL information on starting a small business
$149.00 for 365 days

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