Compassion Focused Therapy In-Depth (15 Hours)

Based in part on the Counselor Toolbox Episode 065 -Compassion Focused Therapy

Based in part on the following articles/texts:

  • Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice
  • Introducing Compassion-Focused Therapy
  • Compassionate Mind Training for People with High Shame and Self-Criticism: Overview and Pilot Study of a Group
  • Training Our Minds In, With and For Compassion
  • Effectiveness of Compassionate Mind Training on Depression, Anxiety, and Self -Criticism in a Group of Iranian Depressed Patients


  • Define Compassion-Focused Therapy
  • Examine the underlying theory of CFT
  • Identify the components of compassion
  • Explore the issue of "fear of compassion"
  • Review some techniques that can be used in CFT to develop compassion

Gain an understanding of concepts to provide high quality ethical services and better assist patients with co-occurring mental health and addictive disorders

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