Comprehensive Renewal Package (20 Contact Hours)


2 Hours Domestic Violence Awareness and Trauma Informed Care


The student will learn about:

  • Trauma-Informed Approach to Domestic Violence Advocacy

  • Tips for Creating a Welcoming Environment

  • Tips for Enhancing Emotional Safety

  • Tips for Supporting Children and Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence: What You Might See and What You Can Do

  • Practical Tips for Increasing Access to Services

  • Tips for Discussing a Mental Health Referral with DV Survivors

  • Tips for Supporting Survivors with Reduced Energy

  • Tips for Making Connections with Survivors Experiencing Psychiatric Disabilities

5 Hours Clinical Supervision


  •     Identify the performance domains for supervision

  •     Identify the purpose of supervision

  •     Differentiate supervision from counseling

  •     Explore the stages of supervisor and supervisee development

  •     Determine the objectives for supervision

  •     Learn how ethical standards integrate with performance

  •     Review the Models of Supervision

  •     Identify the stages of supervisor and supervisee development in the supervision process

  •     Highlight ethical issues and concerns unique to supervision

  •     Review documentation necessary for supervision to include the supervisory contract, performance reviews

  •     Brainstorm methods for supervising sessions


2 Hours Mindfulness: What it is and Why it is important


  • Discuss the mind-body connection and its applications in the counseling setting

  • Define Mindlessness

  • Define Mindfulness

  • Differentiate between Mindfulness and Purposeful Action

  • Identify how mindfulness can be useful in practice

  • Explore several different mindfulness techniques and activities that can be used by clients in and out of session

2 Hours Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills


  • This course will cover the following:

  • The Goal of ACT

  • What is Mindfulness?

  • How Does ACT Differ from Other Mindfulness-based Approaches?

  • What is Unique to Act?

  • Healthy Normality

  • Destructive Normality

  • Experiential Avoidance

  • Therapeutic Interventions

  • Confronting the Agenda

  • Control is the Problem, Not the Solution

  • Six Core Principles of ACT

2 Hours Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills


  • Why was DBT created

  • Identify the philosophical and theoretical roots of DBT

  • Understanding Emotional Dysregulation

  • Identify DBT assumptions about clients and therapists

  • Explore skills to help clients learn: Distress Tolerance. Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness

4 Hours Understanding Chemical and Behavioral Addictions


  • Define behavioral addictions

  • Examine some of the most common behavioral addictions

  • Explore similarities and differences between behavioral and chemical addictions

  • Discuss similarities and differences in treatment between chemical and behavioral addictions

3 hours  Ethics including a review of ACA Ethics


  • Discuss ethical and legal standards in counseling

  • Demonstrate familiarity with what often leads to boundary breaches.

  • Explore the most frequently made allegations of ethics violations. 

  • Discuss examples of multiple relationships. 

  • Examine important areas to consider regarding boundaries.

  • Demonstrate familiarity with components of informed consent including HIPAA

$60.00 for 90 days
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