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Counseling Foundations: Success, Resilience, Compliance and Solutions (11 hours)

Contact Hours: 11

Empowering Clients to Embrace Success (2 Hours)


  • Learn techniques to help clients
  • Describe Successful vs. Unsuccessful People
  • Develop compassion
  • Manage Stress
  • Use Positive Visualization

Sociological Approach to Risk and Resilience (2 Hours)

Students will review:

  • Introduction to Bronfenbrenner’s Socioecological Model
  • Risk factors for addiction and mental health issues
  • Ways to mitigate risk
  • Protective factors for addiction and mental health issues
  • Ways to enhance protection

Addressing Treatment NonCompliance and Resistance (3 Hours)


  • Define Learning vs. Performance
  • Explore some of the common reasons for resistance and treatment noncompliance and how to address them including Rolling with Resistance and Tipping the Scales

Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Counseling Skills (4 Hours)


  • Define Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its basic principles
  • Identify factors impacting people’s choice of behaviors
  • Explore causes and impact of thinking errors
  • Identify common thinking errors and their relationship to cognitive distortions
  • Review the concept of solution focused interventions
  • Envision how CBT can be used with patients with addictions and co-occurring disorders

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