College Student Counseling (8 Hours)

Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes


  • Define hazing
  • Explore the purpose of hazing
  • Identify alternatives to hazing
  • Identify the timeline for hazing prevention
  • Identify the role of administrators, coaches, the Panhellenic council, student-athletes, sorority and fraternity members and presidents, and counseling departments
  • Review the hazing “test” Identify the scope of the mental health problem in college students
  • Identify the impact of mental health issues on learning and student retention
  • Learn about the connection between mental health issues and substance abuse
  • Explore unique issues faced by college students
  • Identify the components of a good campus mental health program and other strategies to reduce stressors
  • Review 15 common issues students face when transitioning to college.
  • Identify general guidelines for supporting student mental health
  • Specific information regarding student athletes
  • Explore some information relevant to students regarding alcohol and drug use and disordered eating
  • Identify the basics for early crisis intervention
$24.00 for 90 days
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