Journey to Recovery Series (25 Hours)

Based on Journey to Recovery 2nd Edition, this course addresses essential treatment issues for people in early recovery.

  • Introduction to Transtheoretical and Transdiagnostic Approaches
  • Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  • Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders and Their Interaction and Treatment
  • Individualizing Treatment to Support Temperament and Learning Style
  • Motivational Enhancement
  • Goal Setting and Behavior Modification Techniques 
  • Using Mindfulness, Serenity and Purposeful Action to Guide Choices
  • Addressing Biological Needs in PAWS and Recovery (Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, Nutrition)
  • Creating Emotional and Physical Safety
  • Exploring Techniques to Deal with Feelings of Grief, Guilt, Anger, Anxiety and Depression
  • Cognitive Interventions to Help Client’s Get Unstuck
  • Coping Skills and Defense Mechanisms: What They Are and How to Use Them Effectively
  • Problem Solving Skills to Reduce Distress and Prevent Relapse
  • Decision Making Skills to Make Effective, Purposeful Choices
  • Relapse Prevention Planning and Planning for Emergencies
  • Understanding and Teaching Characteristics of Healthy Relationships
  • Activities to Enhance Assertiveness Training and Refusal Skills
  • Skills and Tools for Enhancing Social Support Networks
  • Getting in Touch—Lessons Learned from Your Family of Origin (Examining the impact of growing up  in a family with someone with an addiction, or mental health issue)
  • Exploring Co-Dependency Characteristics, Motivations and Interventions
  • Helping Clients Enhance Self-Esteem
  • Helping Clients Understand and Develop Boundaries   
$35.00 for 90 days
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