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Domestic Violence and Abuse

  • Objectives: • Explore major societal concerns, including violence, stress, person abuse, substance abuse • Discuss the link between domestic violence and alcohol abuse • Identify strategies for domestic violence prevention and control • Explore the psychology underlying domestic violence
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  • Objectives • Define the different types of abuse • Review important things to be aware of prior to interviewing the victim and the perpetrator • Define the concerns that are relevant when completing an assessment of imminent danger • Review the 8 spokes of influence on the power and control wheel • Contrast the power and control wheel with the equality wheel dimensions
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  • • Overview of the mental health professional guidelines. • "Batterer” referrals • Victim/survivor referrals • Couples counseling • Rationale for group treatment for those who batter • Concurrent alcohol or other drug treatment • Assessment of those who batter:limits of confidentiality • Assessment procedure, discussion of program goals and limitations, partner contacts, diagnosis • Assessment of victims/survivors • Treatment for victims/survivors • Characteristics of those who batter • Guidelines for interviewing battered partners • Characteristics of battered women • Guidelines for interviewing those who batter
    $9.00 for 30 days

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