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HIV and Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Objectives • Review current information about the prevention, transmission and treatment of HIV • Review universal precautions for the prevention of HIV and needle sticks • Review current information about hepatitis transmission, symptoms and treatment. • Review information on current Florida law on acquired immune deficiency syndrome and its impact on testing, confidentiality of test results, and treatment of patients.
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  • LEARNER OBJECTIVES • Describe the effects alcohol and drug usage can have on the HIV and AIDS disease process in patients. • Describe the roles alcohol and drug usage have in the contracting of HIV. • List the members involved in the collaborative care of patients with HIV and AIDS. • Describe some of the common myths about HIV and AIDS. • Describe the risk factors associated with contracting HIV. • Identify preventative measures to avoid contracting HIV. • List the items included on an HIV/AIDS Risk Assessment Checklist. • Describe HIV infection preventative measures. • Identify the goals of risk-reduction counseling. • Describe the process of testing for HIV infection. • Describe the factors involved in HIV pre- and post-test counseling. • Identify the requirements for reporting HIV and AIDS test results. • Generally describe how HIV is medically monitored. • Describe how clinicians can increase client’s adherence to HIV medication regimens and compliance with prescribed care plans. • Describe how the client’s gender, culture and sexuality orientation influence their compliance with treatment. • List events which may initiate client relapse. • Describe relapse prevention techniques. • Describe the counselor’s role in supporting the client with HIV or AIDS cope with issues of death, dying, grief and bereavement. • Identify steps involved in case management for the client with HIV or AIDS. • Identify the legal regulations and processes in place to protect and assist clients HIV or AIDS.
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