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Special Population: Criminal Justice

  • Objectives • Explore similarities between addiction and criminogenic thinking • Identify purpose, sources of information and areas of concern for screening • Explore the pitfalls of diagnosis in the CJ system • Identify preferred screening and assessment instruments and what they measure • Examine placement strategies based on criminality, mental health and addiction issues • Discuss general treatment issues in CJ including the purpose, intervention and alternatives • Consider barriers to effective treatment in the criminal justice system • Highlight unique needs of special populations including women and the elderly in the CJ system
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  • Learner Objectives • Examine the rates of substance-involved inmates in the criminal justice and identify rates of arrests, convictions, and recidivism for these populations. • Evaluate the role of race and ethnicity, and how social factors such as income, education, age, and family history impact substance abuse among criminal offenders. • Identify particular populations and problems needing special services in criminal justice settings • Identify components of effective substance abuse treatment within criminal justice settings. • Determine how to overcome barriers to treatment within prison populations • Recognize practical steps that government and criminal justice systems can take to combat substance abuse.
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  • .Learning Objectives • Describe the need for continuity of care for the offender from substance use treatment facility into the community. • Identify different criteria included in the offender’s needs assessment upon entering treatment. • Define principles and criteria of transition plans. • List commonly used sanctions. • List commonly used rewards. • Describe events in the criminal’s developmental life that could have led to their particular way of thinking and acting. • Define criteria included in discharge planning. • List indicators of treatment success. • List services that are important to incorporate into the life of an offender being discharged from inpatient treatment. • Identify special issues or circumstances that require additional services or attention. • Define confidentiality guidelines and regulations.
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