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We offer LIVE, INTERACTIVE webinars every Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm CST/1pm EST. ★★IMPORTANT★★Webinars are hosted on Zoom. You will receive an email when you sign up that gives instructions for how to download zoom on your PC or mobile device and login to the webinar. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam filters or let us know at

  • Objectives: • Explore human roles • Identify characteristics of healthy relationships • Review concepts related to assertive communication • Explore behaviors needed to sustain recovery • Define goals and objectives for the family recovery process
    $10.00 for 7 days
  • Objectives Review the concept of temperament Discuss the the characteristics of each of the 4 dimensions of temperament and ways those characteristics can serve as both strengths and stumbling blocks in relationships and recovery and interventions to prevent problems • Extrovert and Introvert • Sensing and iNtuitive • Thinking and Feeling • Judging and Perceiving
    $10.00 for 7 days

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