Pennsylvania Certification Board Pre-Approved Courses

These courses have been PREapproved by the Pennsylvania Certification Board. Any OTHER courses (except the 10 in this category) require you to submit postapproval documentation. Here is a link to the form.

  • This multimedia course is based in part on Counselor Toolbox Podcasts 41 and 156. Text-based materials are also provided in the course for those who prefer to learn by reading.
    $18.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: • Define behavioral addictions • Examine some of the most common behavioral addictions • Explore similarities and differences between behavioral and chemical addictions • Discuss similarities and differences in treatment between chemical and behavioral addictions
    $9.00 for 30 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episode 236 Identify, assess, summarize and utilize: • The differences between anticipated and sudden loss • At least five factors that affect individual reactions to loss • How people perceive and make sense of trauma and unexpected change • What information and education is most helpful immediately after death • Effective presence and support measures • Self-Care techniques, including self-awareness, externalization and actions • Associated complications that can arise from sudden and/or violent death • How to effectively mourn the person who died and maintain a healthy connection
    $12.00 for 90 days
  • Based on Counselor Toolbox Episodes 47 and 122-126 Dialectical Theory, Mindfulness, Problem Solving Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness
    $24.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episodes 142-144
    $45.00 for 90 days
  • This course is based on Counselor Toolbox Episode 023- Internet And Gaming Addiction Objectives ~Define Internet and Gaming Addiction ~Explore how these behaviors can develop into addictions ~Identify risk factors in individuals more predisposed to becoming addicted ~Identify characteristics of video games and online activities that make it addictive ~Review the most commonly accepted goals for treatment of internet and gaming addiction ~Review the most common biopsychosocial interventions to address internet and gaming addiction
    $9.00 for 90 days
  • Based on Journey to Recovery 2nd Edition by Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes and on podcasts 290-332 Objectives ~Understanding Addiction ~Understanding Mental Health Issues ~Enhancing Motivation ~Goal Setting and Behavior Modification ~Learning Style and Temperament ~Mindfulness ~Physical Needs ~Creating Safety ~Feelings, emotions and reactions ~Coping Skills and defense mechanisms ~Relationships and codependency
    $35.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episode 243 and the book: Treating Pornography Addiction by Dr. Kevin Skinner Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP, Objectives: ~Understand the creation of pornography addiction ~Assessing the levels of pornography addiction ~Learn how to activate and deactivate addictive behaviors ~Learn to help people rewrite beliefs that keep them trapped ~Identify the characteristics of people most likely to relapse
    $30.00 for 90 days
  • This multimedia course is based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episodes 5, 115 & 211 Videos can be found at View multimedia content at Objectives: ~Discuss Drug and Alcohol Dependency, Recovery, and Relapse ~Define Chemical Dependency/Addiction, its Effects & Treatment ~Learn About the Developmental Model of Recovery ~Compare The Developmental Model of Recovery With Traditional Models ~Learn How to Classify of Recovery/Relapse History ~Learn About Relapse Prevention Treatment ~Identify Basic Counseling Skills and Relapse Prevention Techniques ~Discuss Addictions Group Counseling ~Discuss How Group Work Differs From Individual Counseling ~Review Group Counseling Theory ~Discuss Group Goals and Principles ~Identify Warning Signs and Recovery Planning
    $30.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episodes 325-327 OBJECTIVES ~Identify Effective Prevention Tactics for Youth ~Identify Effective Behavioral and Pharmacological Interventions ~Identify Effective Population- and Community-Based Interventions to Prevent Tobacco Use ~Identify Effective Strategies for Increasing Consumer Demand for and use of Individually Oriented Cessation Treatments ~Identify Effective Strategies for Increasing Implementation ~Identify Use Cessation Strategies ~Identify Effect of Smokeless Tobacco Product Marketing and Use ~Identify Effectiveness of Interventions in Populations with Co-Occurring ~Morbidities and Risk Behaviors ~Identify Needed Research
    $24.00 for 90 days

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