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Counseling and Crisis Intervention

  • Objectives • Define a mental health crisis • Review the goals of crisis services Identify essential skills in the triage and screening process • Recognize the components of crisis screening • Understand crisis intervention strategies and application • Define what is involved in the crisis intervention process • Review active listening, minimal encouragement, emotional labeling and validation • Enhance knowledge regarding crisis plans and follow up measures • Define risk factors for suicide • Explore substance use in conjunction with depression or crisis • Identify basic guidelines for working with someone who is potentially violent
    $24.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives • Identify treatment needs unique to women • Discuss individual, structural and systemic barriers to treatment engagement and retention • Explore medical conditions more commonly diagnosed in women, and their relationship to mental health and addictive disorders.
    $18.00 for 30 days
  • Objectives: This course takes a more in-depth look at TIP 54 than the shorter courses. • Explore psychopharmacology and the role and effect of psychotropic medications in mental health • Define the problem • Identify and discuss differential diagnosis for various pain conditions • Examine the similarities between CNCP and addiction • Identify the impact of CNCP on patients • Discuss effective interventions for CNCP • Identify what counselors can do
    $30.00 for 90 days

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