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Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders

  • Objectives: • Explore historic and well-established contemporary counseling theories, principles and techniques of counseling and their application in professional counseling settings • Discuss the causes of PTSD • Examine PTSD through a strengths-based lens • Identify tools to help patients deal with PTSD symptoms • Define Cognitive Processing Therapy • Explore the 12 Session Protocol for CPT • Examine complex trauma from a developmental and strengths-based lens • Identify interventions to help patients acquire the skills to mitigate the impact of complex trauma
    $18.00 for 30 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox Episodes 215, 212 Principles of Crisis Intervention and 235 Suicidality Recognition and Treatment and the APA guidelines for suicide intervention
    $30.00 for 90 days

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