NCMHCE Exam Review Podcast

NCMHCE Exam Review Podcast was launched to provide freely accessible tips, tools and tricks to help people prepare for the NCMHCE.  Twice a month we delve into topics that will help you review material you need to know and test taking tips so you have the best chance of being one of the 70% who passes.  🙂

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Continuing Education Credits for Case Managers and Counselors

If you are a case manager, counselor, social worker, marriage and family therapist, or addiction professional and want to earn CEs for listening to the podcast, the on-demand version of those courses can be found below or by searching the AllCEUs catalog.

NCMHCE Exam Review Podcast Episode LinksPurchase the course if you are NOT an UNLIMITED Access memberDirect link for UNLIMITED Access members. Login to, and the links below will take you directly to the class associated with the podcast.
Assessing Dangerousness and Abuse Assessment for the NCMHCEBuy NowDirect Course Link
Suicide Assessment and Crisis Intervention for the NCMHCEBuy NowDirect Course Link
Assessment Parts 1-3 for the NCMHCEBuy NowDirect Course Link
Conducting a Screening and Mental Status Exam for the NCMHCEBuy NowDirect Course Link

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