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Vocational Counseling in a Changing Landscape

– Employment provides a variety of benefits to the person in recovery
– Self-Esteem
– Structure
– Financial independence
– Social Support
– A safe(er) place to practice new skills
– ONet provides an online resource to identify career skills and abilities and jobs that fit the person
– The first 6 months of employment often require significant support from a coach/sponsor/therapist
– Maintaining Motivation
– Identifying family of origin issues

Family Therapy in Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

~ Family approaches recognize the reciprocal impact of every individual and every relationship on the functioning of the whole system
~ Family systems resist change in favor of homeostasis
~ It is important to assess
~ The health and wellbeing of all members of the family
~ The PACER needs of each individual and their readiness for change for every treatment goal.
~ Develop a unified vision of what health and happiness look like and each person’s tasks in helping the family move toward that goal.

Diabetes, Depression, and Autoimmune Issues

~ According to the CDC approximately
~ 13% of American adults have diabetes
~ 35% have prediabetes
~ Diabetes is an autoimmune condition
~ Autoimmune conditions cause and are caused by inflammation
~ Inflammation hyperexcites the HPA-Axis
~ Inflammation and HPA-Axis overactivation are associated with depression and anxiety
~ All people with depression and anxiety should be evaluated for autoimmune issues including diabetes
~ Integrative recovery plans should focus on reducing inflammation, regulating the HPA-Axis to prevent or mitigate any autoimmune issues.

Impacts of Stress and Interventions

~ Stress is ubiquitous and comes in many forms
~ The goal is to reduce distress to free up energy for eustress and still have some left over.
~ Like a cell phone battery
~ Use the energy for the apps and activities you want
~ Eliminate or suspend apps that drain your battery
~ Each day your phone needs time to plugin and recharge