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18 -Counseling Skills | Addiction Counselor Exam Review

Review for the Addiction Counselor Exam. Objectives
~ Identify the purpose and function of counseling
~ Define skills a counselor needs
~ Identify necessary attitudes for counselors
~ Explore how to develop the therapeutic alliance
~ Discuss motivation and how to increase it

17 -Treatment Models and Methods

~ Learn ASAM Dimensions

~Review Self help approaches
~ Identify different approaches to and levels of treatment
~ Define evidence based practices and clinical guidelines and identify where you can find them
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16 -Treatment Planning Using the MATRS and ASI

• Examine how Addiction Severity Index information can be used for clinical applications and assist in program evaluation activities.
• Identify differences between program-driven and individualized treatment planning processes.
• Gain a familiarization with the process of treatment planning including considerations in writing and prioritizing problem and goal statements and developing measurable, attainable, time-limited, realistic, and specific (M.A.T.R.S./SMART) objectives and interventions.
• Define basic guidelines and legal considerations in documenting client status.