These courses are based on books which are excellent, but not freely available online. We have arranged with New Harbinger Publications to get AllCEUs members a 25% discount off of all of their books. You might also see if you can find the titles at your local library or on Google Books or Better World Books.
Learner Objectives
  1. Identify the impact of psychotrauma on the child
  2. Learn how trauma can thwart the resolution of Erickson's Developmental Stages
  3. Help clients identify traumas from the past and how those traumas impact their relationships with themselves and others in the present day
  4. Help clients learn how to self nurture
  5. Teach clients Positive Affirmation Slogans
  6. Learn about the connection between Borderline and Addictive Behavior and Anger
  7. Learn about the stages of change