• To explain the military rank structure and organization and distinguish the primary mission and core values of each branch of service.
  • To describe differences and similarities between Active and Reserve components.
  • To discuss demographic characteristics of Service members.
  • To recognize general and deployment-related military terms.
  • Describe military terms and demographics
  • Discuss stressors in the military
  • Report programs offered by DoD relevant to combat and operational stress
  • Describe implications of military culture for clinicians


  • Highlight the Impact of Deployment on the Military Family
  • Explore the Unique Assessment Needs of Iraq/Afghanistan War Veterans
  • Learn about the different echelons of care soldiers may have accessed prior to contact with civilian staff
  • Identify Topics Specific to the Psychiatric Treatment of Military Personnel
  • Review PTSD in Iraq/Afghanistan War Veterans
  • Explore Assessment and Treatment of Anger in Combat-Related PTSD
  • Review Pharmacotherapy for PTSD
  • Define Traumatic Grief
  • Examine Predictors of Substance Abuse in the Deployment Environment