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HIV and Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Objectives • Review the most effective approach to the patient • Discuss strategies for prevention of HIV in the clinical care setting • Learn about various antiretroviral therapies available • Explore the metabolic complications of antiretroviral therapy and the psychological impact of those complications on the individual • Identify ways to increase adherence to HIV therapies • Learn how the counselor can assist the patient with physical and psychological symptom management
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  • LEARNER OBJECTIVES • Discuss advances in HIV prevention and treatment • List the goals of HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral (CTR) • Identify the principles of CTR • Differentiate between targeted and routinely recommended CTR • Identify settings and populations that are at increased risk for HIV • Learn about circumstances for which HIV preventative treatment exists • Identify information all clients who request counseling should receive • Identify the elements of HIV prevention counseling • List the characteristics of the effective HIV CTR counselor • List ways to reduce barriers to HIV CTR • Correctly match HIV test technologies and results (screening vs. confirmatory) • Identify the difference between a reactive and nonreactive sample • List possible referral needs for clients testing HIV positive or for high-risk clients • Identify barriers to accessing referral resources • Learn the 11 standards to assess for quality assurance
    $30.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives • Review current information about the prevention, transmission and treatment of HIV • Review universal precautions for the prevention of HIV and needle sticks • Review current information about hepatitis transmission, symptoms and treatment. • Review information on current Florida law on acquired immune deficiency syndrome and its impact on testing, confidentiality of test results, and treatment of patients.
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