Pharmacology & Neurobiology

  • Objectives:

    • Learn the difference between CBD and THC
    • Identify the research-based uses for CBD
    • Explore the impact of CBD on mood
    • Identify ways to support the endocannabinoid system and increase activation of CB1 & 2 receptors without the use of marijuana/cannabis
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives
    • Enhance viewers’ understanding of current trends as well as the negative behaviors that promote excessive alcohol and illicit drug use.
    • Develop an understanding of the recovery culture and how it reflects the courage, positive language, shared values and behaviors that surround individuals striving to overcome substance use disorders.
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives

    • Learn about serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, GABA, glutamate, and their functions and influence on behavior
    • Identify the impact of neurochemical imbalances
    • Learn about common neurobiological changes in human development.
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives:

    • Explain (basically) polyvagal theory
    • Explain how the vagus nerve is involved in emotions
    • Explore the role of the vagus nerve in the HPA-Axis Response to stress
    • Describe why it is important to assist people in managing their physiological reactions to stress in addition to their cognitions.
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives:

    • Identify the types of prevention
    • Learn the steps in prevention
    • Understand why people use opioids
    • Explore the connection between pain and mood disorders
    • Identify 5 prevention strategies
    $9.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives
    • Explain why pain management matters.
    • Name various treatment team members.
    • List drug and non-drug treatment options.
    • Learn the three classes of analgesics.
    • Name goals of pain therapy.
    • Develop skills for communicating with a medical practitioner about pain.
    • Describe pain using numerical, verbal and visual scales.
    • Discuss concerns for use of opioid medication for pain treatment.
    • Discuss and describe the "Opioid Contract".
    • List the five classes of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
    • Identify prevalence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the U.S.
    • Compare and contrast Injection and Infusion therapies.
    • Identify benefits and drawbacks of various treatments.
    • Learn four stress management techniques.
    • Classify methods of pain management that can be completed by the client on their own.
    • Learn about promising new treatment options.
    $24.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives

    • Define neurotransmitters and what role they may play in drug use and mental illness
    • Identify common drugs of abuse, signs of intoxication & withdrawal
    • Develop a protocol for patient evaluation
    • Identify resources to research medications and drugs patients may be taking
    • Hypothesize reasons for possible accidental overdose

    $12.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives:

    • Explore the impact of alcohol on the body and brain including inflammation, brain damage and neurotransmitter/mood alterations
    • The impact of alcohol on the microbiome
    • How alcohol use can lead to dependency
    $9.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives
    • Review the function of the most common neurotransmitters (Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA, Glutamate, Norepinephrine, Acetylcholine)
    • Explore how different drugs interact with brain chemistry to produce the reward
    • Learn how the brain's natural protective mechanisms actually cause withdrawal symptoms, and what that means
    • Identify mental health issues associated with imbalances between these neurochemicals
    • Examine ways to deal with chemical imbalances
    $6.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives:

    • Identify the following for each class of drugs: Stimulants, Depressants and Hallucinogens
      • Common types of drugs in this category
      • Short and long term biological, and psychological effects on the person
      • Proposed Medication Assisted Treatments (if any)
    $9.00 for 90 days

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