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  • Objectives: • Explain (basically) polyvagal theory • Explain how the vagus nerve is involved in emotions • Explore the role of the vagus nerve in the HPA-Axis Response to stress • Describe why it is important to assist people in managing their physiological reactions to stress in addition to their cognitions.
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  • Learner Objectives • Explain why pain management matters. • Name various treatment team members. • List drug and non-drug treatment options. • Learn the three classes of analgesics. • Name goals of pain therapy. • Develop skills for communicating with a medical practitioner about pain. • Describe pain using numerical, verbal and visual scales. • Discuss concerns for use of opiod medication for pain treatment. • Discuss and describe the "Opiod Contract". • List the five classes of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. • Identify prevalence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the U.S. • Compare and contrast Injection and Infusion therapies. • Identify benefits and drawbacks of various treatments. • Learn four stress management techniques. • Classify methods of pain management that can be completed by the client on their own. • Learn about promising new treatment options.
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  • LEARNER OBJECTIVES • Identify the most commonly used and abused drugs • Identify symptoms of overdose and withdrawal from most commonly abused drugs • Define protracted withdrawal • Define tolerance and cross tolerance • Match substance effects on the body with the correct substance • Identify the effects of each substance on unborn children • Discuss the effects of each substance on athletic performance • Become familiar with the Jellinek curve • Identify web sites and activities to use when doing community education presentations
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