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Case Management, Referral, and Service Coordination

  • Contact Hours: 2 Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP, LMHC Based in part on Case Management Toolbox Podcast Episode 2. Objectives • Review what a Mental Health Case Manager does (or a counselor if the client does not qualify for case management services) • Identify common issues clients with mental health diagnoses have and ways to address them
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  • LEARNER OBJECTIVES • Identify case management needs of persons with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders (co-occurring). • Discuss how counseling differs from case management • Identify the five core functions of treatment professionals using case management • Identify the skills necessary to provide effective case management services • Identify common causes for the breakdown of service coordination • Define the various models of case management and describe how they are used with persons with mental healtha nd substance use disorders disorders • Identify the eight principles of case management • Effectively identify service gaps and establish and maintain relations with agencies and governmental entities who can address these unmet needs • Identify information to be shared with referral sources and necessary documentation and/or releases to provide that information • Establish realistic treatment and recovery expectations with the client • Develop relationships with agencies in order to enhance case finding activities • Differentiate between the services required during pretreatment, treatment and aftercare • Identify ways to effectively evaluate quality of care in case management programs • Effectively identify clients who have "special needs" • Identify the ways that each of the special needs impact the delivery of case management services • Identify referral resources in their communities View multimedia content at
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  • Summary • There are many similarities between Pain, mood and addictive disorders • Integrated, concurrent, biopsychosocial treatment is vital • Mood impacts pain which impacts life satisfaction • Recovery supports realistic beliefs and identifies controllable factors enhanced outcomes • Patients with current addictions or mental health issues need concurrent treatment
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