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  • As we become aware of the full magnitude of the pornography and sex addiction issues, people are realizing that these clients need specialized treatment. The SPARC track provides you with indispensable information about what sex and pornography addiction are, how they are similar and different to substance addictions, treatment interventions and relapse prevention tools that can be used with your clients.
    $149.00 for 365 days
  • An increasing number of agencies are moving toward providing trauma informed care. This certificate training program provides clinicians with the information they need to provide more sensitive, strengths-based treatment to persons who may be dealing with trauma.
    $149.00 for 365 days
  • Unlimited, on line, distance learning CEUs for one year. Group discounts are available for groups of 5 or more. Go to *Certification training programs and live classes are NOT included.
    $99.00 for one year

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