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Sponsorship Benefits

  • Targeted Advertising to over 50,000 mental health and addiction professionals per week
  • A 30 second ad which runs at the beginning, middle or end of the podcast, voiced either by Dr. Snipes or by someone from your organization.  Your choice.
  • Each episode is posted on AllCEUs' YouTube Channel ( which has 13,000 subscribers
  • Each episode is shared in the following:
    • LinkedIn Groups: Counselor Toolbox, Mental Health and Addiction Counselor Continuing Education, Links for Shrinks, Addiction and Behavioral Health Professional Resources and the Mental Health Networking Group
    • LinkedIn Article that goes out to Dr. Snipes' 16,000 LinkedIn connections which promotes the podcast you sponsored and your organization.
    • Facebook Groups and Pages: Counselor Toolbox Fan Group, AllCEUs; Facebook Page, Dr. Snipes' Facebook page, Licensed Professional Counselor, TX Social Workers, Case Workers, Counselors & Advocates, Beginning Counselors of Florida, Addiction Professionals Group, Florida Addiction Professionals Networking & Referral Association, and Network of Professional Social Workers
    • A post in Instagram and Twitter when the podcast is released promoting the podcast and your organization including hashtags
    • Listing on AllCEU's Resources Page

Sponsor Counselor Toolbox

Does your business depend on referrals from mental health and addiction clinicians?  AllCEUs has provided continuing education to over 20,000 clinicians and we reach tens of thousands more each week through our podcast, Counselor Toolbox.  AllCEUs has been a leading provider of continuing education to mental health and addictions counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers and nurses since 2006 and Counselor Toolbox was selected as one of the top 10 social work podcasts of 2018 and one of the top counseling podcasts of 2019.

Who Listens to Counselor Toolbox?

Addiction and Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychiatric Nurses, and others working in the addictions or mental health field.  Listeners also include non-professionals who are interested in counseling, parenting and self-improvement.  Dr. Snipes' listeners know she will provide thought provoking content with practical tips for implementation which will enhance their practices and/or their lives. Counselor Toolbox even offers optional CEUs, which encourages listeners to come back often.

Counselor Toolbox Podcast started in 2016 and now reaches approximately 50,000 clinicians per week between our podcast and YouTube channel, so you can quickly reach counselors and clinical directors throughout the nation.  We are consistently ranked as one of the top 5 podcasts for the key words counselor education, mental health, addiction and counseling.  We produce two episodes per week and are showing continued growth.  We only accept a maximum of two advertisers per show. 

Counselor Toolbox Podcast Stats


Sponsorship Options

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Sponsor a show

  • $1500 per month (8 Tuesday/Thursday shows)
  • Exclusive sponsorship for 1 month $3,000 or one year $30,000.  Exclusive sponsors also get their logo on each slide and on all digital media marketing for that episode.


Be a Guest

  • Be a guest on a Special Advances in Clinical Practice.  This episode is entirely dedicated to highlighting your facility or service (approximately 45 minute interview with you and a clinical representative): Cost $1500 per show.   Dr. Snipes will work with you to identify talking points which will guide the discussion.  Recording is done through Zoom virtual meeting, so no travel is required.

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