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Comprehensive Case Manager Certification Training

The leading online provider of AFFORDABLE online, self-paced case management certification training to help you start your new career!

  • 300+ hours for $249
  • We have students in¬†48 countries
  • Courses in multiple formats (video, text, live webinar and podcast) to meet your learning preferences
  • Instructors available 7 days a week via email to answer your questions and help you apply the material.

Comprehensive Case Management Certificate Training (325 Hours)


  • Case management is a multidisciplinary, collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy to meet the comprehensive health and behavioral health needs of individuals and their families.
  • Case management is based on the premise that when an individual reaches the optimum level of behavioral and physical health and functional capability the individuals being served, their support systems, health care delivery systems and their communities all benefit.
  • Certificate training provides evidence to employers, clients and their families that the case manager possesses the education, skills and experience required to render appropriate services based on sound principles of practice
  • After completing each course in the training curriculum participants will receive a partial credit certificate.¬† In order to receive the certificate showing they have completed the 325 Hour Comprehensive Case Management Certificate Training Curriculum students must pass a 90-question comprehensive exam.¬† Each exam is slightly different with questions randomly drawn from a database of over 300 questions and answers shuffled within questions..

Note: The courses below can also be used for case management continuing education for people already certified by ACMA because our courses are approved by multiple state social work boards and by CCMC through post-approval .


Introduction to Case Management 

Foundations of Case Management 

Ethics and Confidentiality

Financial Aspects 

Screening, Assessment and Placement