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Recovery Support Specialist Certification Training

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Recovery Support Specialist

This track prepares you for an entry-level substance abuse position so you can use your lived experience to assist clients achieve and maintain recovery from addictions.

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1. Legal and Professional Responsibility : 22 hours
2. Reengagement, Crisis Support and Safety: 13 hours
3. Resource Linkage/Follow -Up: 13 hours
4. Practical Living Skills/Social Development: 10 hours
5. Recovery Management: 17 hours


Legal and Professional Responsibility (22 Hours)
Ethics and Boundary Issues (3 Hours)
Ethics, Boundaries and Decision Making (3 Hours)
Ethics, Cultural Competence and Client Rights (6 Hours)
HIPAA (2 Hours)
Ethics (3 Hours)
Ethics Pitfalls and Nonmalfeasance (3 Hours)
Ethics and Professional Development (4 Hours)

Reengagement, Crisis Support and Safety (13 hours minimum)
Crisis Awareness Prevention and Intervention (8 Hours)
Domestic Violence (3 Hours)
Client and Personal Safety (4 Hours)
Recovery and Resilience (2 Hours)

Resource Linkage/Follow -Up (13 hours minimum)
Referral and Service Coordination within a Recovery Oriented System of Care (20 Hours)  This course covers active care coordination and resource linkage/follow up.
Documentation Overview (4 Hours)

Practical Living Skills/Social Development (10 hours minimum)
Child Development 101: Parenting and Reparenting Through the Stages (8 Hours)  This course covers social development over the lifespan.
Life Skills (4 Hours)
Communication Skills (2 Hours)
Identifying and Addressing Vulnerabilities in Addiction and Mental Health Recovery (1 Hour)
Wellness (4 Hours)



Recovery Management (17 hours minimum)
Overview of Addictions (4 Hours)
Pharmacology of Recovery (2 Hours)
Neurobiology: Dopamine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine (2 Hours)
Journey to Recovery (6 Hours) This course addresses co-occurring disorders and recovery management.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills (6 Hours)
Motivation and Goal Setting (4 Hours)
Relapse Prevention (2 Hours)
Core Competencies for Working with People with Co-Occurring Disorders (2 Hours)

OPTIONAL Mentoring
Identifying Client's Strengths, Needs, Attitudes and Preferences (4 Hours)
Community Outreach and Principles of Adult Education (2 Hours)
Individualized Relapse Prevention Planning Using Learning Style and Temperament (4 Hours)
Relapse Prevention (10 Hours)

Assisting Families Through Transitions (5 Hours)
Linking Patients to Wrap Around Services (4 Hours)
Advocacy (2 Hours)