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Recovery Peer Specialist Training

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Recovery Peer Specialist

This training track prepares you  for an entry-level credential to use your professional preparation in combination with your lived experience to help others achieve and maintain recovery from substance use and/or mental health conditions.

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Curriculum (40 total clock hours)

  • Advocacy: 4 hours minimum
  • Mentoring: 6 hours minimum
  • Recovery Support: 6 hours minimum
  • Professional Responsibility: 4 hours minimum
  • Electives: 20 hours minimum

This training track fulfills the above requirements with the following courses:

Advocacy (4 hours minimum)
Linking Patients to Wrap Around Services ( 4 Hours)

Mentoring (6 hours minimum)
Identifying Client's Strengths, Needs, Attitudes and Preferences (4 Hours)
Community Outreach and Principles of Adult Education (2 Hours)
Assisting Families Through Transitions (5 Hours)

Recovery Support (6 hours minimum)
Relapse Prevention (10 Hours)   I know this is way more hours than you need here, but the 10-Hours gives you credit for reviewing the relapse prevention manual which is a vital component of success

Professional Responsibility (4 hours minimum)
Ethics and Professional Development (4 Hours)

Electives (20 Hours Minimum)
Identifying and Addressing Vulnerabilities in Addiction and Mental Health Recovery (1 Hour)
Journey to Recovery: Understanding Addiction and Mental Health Issues (6 Hours)
Codependency (2 Hours)
Core Competencies for Working with People with Co-Occurring Disorders (2 Hours)
Mindfulness Interventions for Co-Occurring Disorders (2 Hours)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Happiness (6 Hours)
Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused Counseling Skills (4 Hours)