Recovery Residence Administrator

A Certified Recovery Residence Administrator is the person responsible for the overall management of a recovery residence, plus supervision of residents and paid or volunteer staff.  He or she ensures appropriate response to resident needs and maintenance of the residence. The CRRA accomplishes these goals being accountable for implementation of and compliance with the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) Quality Standards and Code of Ethics for Level 1 – 4 Recovery Residences, or equivalent nationally recognized standards and code of ethics pursuant to 397.487, Florida Statutes.

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At least 100 hours of training is provided  as follows:

a. Recovery Residence Operations and Administration: 20 hours

  • NARR Standards for Recovery Residences/
  • 397.487 Voluntary certification of recovery residences.
  • Writing Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Management

b. Maintaining the Physical Residence: 20 hours

  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention
  • Verbal De-Escalation
  • Disaster Planning

c. Resident Screening and Admissions: 10 hours

  • Behavioral -health screening tools
  • Medication management
  • Signs and symptoms of intoxication & withdrawal

d. Residence Recovery Support: 30 hours

  • Understanding Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Motivational Enhancement
  • Wellness Strategies
  • Practical Living Skills (interpersonal Effectiveness)

e. Legal, Professional and Ethical Responsibilities: 20 hours

  • FARR Code of Ethics
  • Client Rights
  • Cultural competence
  • Documentation