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  1. Do I have to be licensed or certified to take your courses.  Answer: No.  Many people take our courses to get the required training to become a mental health technician or addictions counselor.  The only requirement is to want to learn.
  2. What is included?  Answer: Everything you should need to pass the course is included.  We provide links to online resources where you can find the printed material.  The quizzes and certificates are also included.
  3. How do I get my certificate?  Answer: After you pass the quiz with at least an 80%, a certificate link will appear in the course.  Click on that and your certificate will appear in a popup window.  Please make sure you are not blocking popups.  Certificates are in pdf format, so you will also need a pdf reader like adobe, foxit reader etc.
  4. How long does each course take? Answer:  Each course has a certain number of hours assigned to it.  This is the approximate amount of time it will take you to complete the course.  It is based on the length of videos and the number of words of written material using a formula set forth by CRCC.
  5. Why can't I take the same course twice?  Answer:  Your board requires certain classes each renewal cycle because they want you to continue learning about that topic, which is often ever changing.  You wouldn't get credit at a University for taking a course twice.
  6. What if I have taken all your courses in a particular topic (like ethics)?  Answer: Submit a support ticket and let us know what you need.  We will be glad to create a new course for you at no additional charge. Please allow at least 30 days.
  7. What is the difference between a CEU and a contact hour?  Answer:  It depends on your board.  Some boards use the term interchangeably.  Others equate 10 contact hours to 1 CEU.  All boards agree that 1 contact hour= 50- 60 minutes of instruction.