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482 – Enhancing Trauma Resiliency

– Trauma can enhance feelings of disconnectedness, helplessness and anxiety.
– Trauma impacts people emotionally, mentally, physically, interpersonally, occupationally
– By helping people develop trauma resiliency we can assist them in preventing PTSD after a trauma and breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma

480 – Anger Management Multi-Session Protocol

~ Anger is a natural emotion. It is designed to alert people that there MIGHT be a problem.
~ When people are vulnerable or learned maladaptive ways of dealing with anger or simply never learned healthy coping skills they can experience anger management problems
~ Excessive anger negatively impacts people emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, occupationally, legally and spiritually.
~ Effective anger management involves preventing vulnerabilities, being aware of and working on “sensitive areas” or “threat areas,” preventing anger whenever possible and developing immediate coping responses to deal with it when it occurs.

479 – Moving from Supportive to Solution Focused Interventions

~ Supportive interventions are necessary to help people radically accept their feelings and situation and get into their wise mind.
~ Solution-focused interventions will help them address the situation and start moving forward to break the distress cycle.