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As an educator, mother, wife, program administrator and clinician, I understand the immense demands placed on your time and budget. I created AllCEUs.com to provide you with the most up-to-date information in an easy to access format in order to encourage you to continue learning even after you have received your CEs for the renewal period. In compliance with the regulations of the Florida Certification Board,  and the state of Florida’s Board for Mental Health and Marriage and Family Counseling and Social Work, we are providing the following information:

Mission To provide cost and time effective classes that enable practitioners to stay up-to-date so they can apply current research in their practices. AllCEUs.com was created to provide busy professionals the continuing training needed to keep abreast of new developments in the field. We create 80% of our trainings from current best-practices literature or research from professional journals. By providing the information online, in .mp3 or video format and using adaptive learning quizzes, we not only appeal to a variety of learning styles, but also can meet the demands of organizations and professionals in private practice who cannot afford to take time off to go to conferences. Finally, it is our desire to increase the rate of knowledge dissemination and encourage professionals to translate research to practice.

Target Audience These programs are targeted to licensed mental health professionals, professional and paraprofessional addictions counselors, school counselors and nurses working with persons with mental illness or addictions.

  • Approvals
  • Florida Board of Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Social Work
  • National Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC)
  • Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners
  • Texas State Board for Professional Counselors
  • ALL of our courses meet the standards set forth for CRCs by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification for POST approval.
  • California Consortium of Addiction Professionals and Providers

Schedule and Format Courses are available online 24-hours per day. Each course will consist of a text that is usually downloadable (usually in .pdf format), an adaptive learning quiz to help you master the information, a course test to take when you have finished reading and studying the material and, on course longer than 4 hours, a video, outline and/or a PowerPoint. The videos, PowerPoints, outlines and .mp3 files are designed for you to use as study aids, not as replacements for reading the material. We guarantee that there will be at least one medical errors, one 4 hour HIV course, one course on domestic violence and one course on ethics.

Fees All online material,  quizzes and certificates are included.  A few courses have recommended texts, but those are optional.  Fees are subject to change without notice. Current subscribers may receive coupons via email prior to their renewal. This program provides you with unlimited access to CEs for a flat annual rate. There is a $5 per certificate fee for fixing certificates that have incorrect information because you failed to update your profile, or for us emailing you a copy of your certificate because you failed to save a copy on your computer and your subscription lapsed.   Instructions for updating your profile can be found in the video site tour . http://allceus.com/Intro.html The only way information can be added to your certificate and uploaded to CE broker correctly is through an accurate profile. Accounts are periodically audited to ensure people are not sharing accounts. If multiple people have been issued certificates from a single account, it will immediately be shut down and you will be billed at the rate of $8 per credit hour for every CEU not issued to the original subscriber. See “Legal Information” below for more information. While we are very flattered when people choose to re-use our material, you are prohibited from using our presentations in any event in which you are being paid or in which you are providing continuing education credits.  Free community education sessions are fine.  If you wish to use our material for a fee-based class, please contact us.  The fee to purchase a course is $399/credit hour.

Cancellation/Refund Policy You have 2 days after you subscribe to evaluate the site and request a refund. If you have been a member for more than 48 hours, or have taken any quizzes, you automatically forfeit your right to a refund.

Credentials of Instructor(s) All quizzes will be derived from information from printed texts that come from credible sources such as refereed journals, text books and the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Dr. Snipes received her PhD. In Counselor Education and is Licensed in Florida as a Mental Health Counselor. She has worked for nearly a decade in community mental health as both a line clinician and a program administrator.

Set of Instructions for Completing the Program and Earning the Hours To earn your hours is simple. 1. Read the designated text 2. Take the “Course Exam.” 3. Once you pass the “Course Exam” with at least an 80%, click on the “Certificate” link. 4. Print and Save your certificate. We maintain a grade book with each persons total CEUs. For those people licensed in Florida, we upload your CEUs every 90 days to CE Broker.

Optional Study Aids PowerPoints, videos and outlines are often provided to aid you in studying the material. These recordings provide an overview of the material to be learned, and are available free at http://allceus.blip.tv

General Information We were founded to provide accessible, affordable CEUs that encourage professionals to stay up to date on current research and best practices.

Contact Person Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

Funding We are completely self-funded.

Operational Policies and Procedures: All information comes from refereed journals, published best practices and recognized professionals in the field (i.e. Kathryn Zerbe for eating disorders). The tests are compiled by Dr. Snipes who received her doctorate in Counselor Education.

Describe record keeping policies and who will sign the certificates for the participants. Certificates are produced automatically once the participant achieves a score of 80% or better on the course exam. If they are unable to access a printer, they need to send us a written request and a self-addressed stamped envelope and a certificate can be mailed to them. Records are stored on our server. They are backed up every 24-hours on our server and a mirrored server, and a hard copy made every month. All records will be kept for a minimum of 7 years

Ongoing Evaluation: Each course has an evaluation at the end as required by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

Explain how offerings will be revised and need for additional subjects determined. As new information becomes available, old courses will be made inactive and replaced with new. Additionally, topics indicated in the professional journals and by consumer request will be added.

Home Study/Online/Correspondence Courses: Identify the procedures you will use to determine the number of contact hours to be awarded. Continuing education offered solely through written means (e.g., home study courses) is subject to application of the following criteria where the course/article must meet the minimum number of words/questions in order to obtain the stated number of hours. This is determined by the Commission for Rehabilitation Counselor Certification guidelines.

Identify the length of time the participant has to complete the course. Participants login using their username and password. They have an unlimited amount of time to complete the course, but access to the course is governed by the length of their subscription.  Should additional time be needed, participants can resubscribe.  They only receive a certificate if they complete the course exam with a score of 80% or better.

Brief long range plan. To provide affordable access to nurses and counselors to assist them in improving their counseling, assessment and interpersonal skills.

Plan for ongoing evaluation. Through participant feedback, we will determine the preferred journals, preferred learning tools and work to make our site as user-friendly as possible.

Legal Information We have made every effort to provide accurate information on the site. By subscribing, you are affirming that you understand that it is your responsibility to verify our courses are accepted by your board. No information contained within the site should be construed to be a substitute for formal consultation/supervision. Additionally, you agree to hold harmless CDS Ventures, LLC, AllCEUs.com , its owners and affiliates from any harm direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional which results from the use of this site. You accept that AllCEUs.com uses a learning management system that is provided as-is, without warranty. Further, you agree that any and all legal matters will be handled within the court system in Alachua County, Florida .

Instructor/Clinical Director Credentials Dawn-Elise Snipes P.O. Box 1688 Alachua, Florida 32616-1688 E-mail: Dr.Snipes@allceus.com Phone: 800-892-0816

Education • University of Florida Department of Counselor Education: PhD, 12/2002 Dissertation: Differences in the Perception and Impact of Occupational Stressors Among Emergency Service Personnel • University of Florida: Master of Health Science Rehabilitation Counseling: August, 1997 Completed Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with an emphasis on addictions • University of Florida: Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology: June, 1993 Completed Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on behavior modification and health. Certifications • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor: #35520 • Approved Clinical Supervisor for licensees under F.S. 490/490 • Licensed Mental Health Counselor: #MH6287 • Nationally Certified Counselor: #53429 • Certified Victim Advocate State of Florida 1999-2000 Professional Societies • Chi Sigma Iota: National Counseling Honor Society: 1997 • American Rehabilitation Counseling Association: 1996 • American Counseling Association: 1997 to 2002 • Alachua County Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team 2002 Relevant Employment • University of Florida Department of Counselor Education Lecturer Taught graduate substance abuse and eating disorders counseling classes. Wrote and taught undergraduate online classes: stress management and alcohol and drug awareness. Hired to assist the department in developing a an online graduate program offering certification in addictions counseling Supervisor: Harry Daniels • Meridian Behavioral Healthcare: 1/97 to 6/2006. Program Director IV: Residential, Intensive Outpatient, Aftercare and Dependency Drug Court, Adult and Children’s outpatient services at the Gainesville, Starke and Lake Butler Clinics o Recruit, hire, train, discipline, provide supervision to, schedule and audit a staff of 15-21 o Restructure internship program and recruit, train, supervise and schedule interns/volunteers o Recruit for and maintain the clients and billable hours in assigned programs o Manage budget resources for all programs ensuring adequate earnings in each cost center o Ensure clinical quality and professional development o Write grants for mental health and substance abuse programs o Create a 60-hour on-line clinical enhancement training to ensure that all clinical and case management staff are cross-trained in working with addictions and mental health issues. Supervisor: Richard Anderson • Dawn-Elise Enterprises, Inc. 2000-2005 Owner, Senior Clinical Supervisor, PhD, LMHC, CRC Private practice in wellness-based counseling and education with the belief that small changes in one area can produce multiple, reciprocal changes in all other areas of functioning. The focus is on providing cost-effective, non-threatening counseling, consultation and education to people who are dealing with issues of stress, anxiety, burnout, depression and other stress-related somatic complaints and disabilities. Psychoeducation and support groups are provided in a HIPAA compliant on-line format. Dr. Snipes has been on the provider panel for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AvMed, Health Options, Cigna and Medicaid and provided educational, intervention and counseling services via phone, online and face-to-face methods. • Eighth Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem 1999-2000 Case Coordinator for Criminal Cases in the 8th Circuit Recruited, trained and managed volunteer case counselors. Managed the VOCA grant that funded the position. Attended court, assisted victims with filing for compensation. Supervisor: Margaret Macgauley Michael Whiting could also speak to my performance • Central Florida Community College: 5/01 to 8/01 Adjunct Professor I taught Personal Wellness, a class focusing on emotional, mental and physical stress management and the systemic effects of stress on people and society. Supervisor: Chuck Gonzalez • University of Florida: 4/99-8/2002 Salary: $1,600/class plus tuition waiver Graduate Assistant, Ph.D. (can) o Taught undergraduate Stress and Anxiety Management and Substance Abuse Education to classes of 50 to 100 students. This class is approached from a systemic wellness perspective focusing on emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational causes of and remedies for stress and addiction and their reciprocal effects on every other area of wellness. o Involved in peer counseling with students. o Provided group and individual clinical supervision to mental health counseling students. Supervisor: Dr. Harry Daniels, Department Chair Committee Chair: Dr. James Archer Jr. • Institute of Public Safety Santa Fe Community College 2000-2001 Instructor for the academy and continuing training for local departments Taught the interpersonal skills block and other classes related to counseling, stress management, crisis intervention and mental health. Supervisor: Dr. Blalock; Tscharne Senn Grants • Wrote and managed the VOCA grant for the 8th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem: 10/1999. • Wrote the following grants for Meridian Behavioral Healthcare: o Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program: October 2003 o Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership Grant: May 2004 o Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders/SAMHSA Grant: November 2004 o SAMHSA Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant: January 2005 o Department of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Grant: February 2005 o SAMHSA Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant for Elders: March 2005 o Success by Six Grant from United Way Publications and Research • Research Project: Effect of the Media on Body Image 10/2004 Co-authored with Elizabeth Sullivan • Research Project: Organizational Needs and Attitudes Regarding Dual Diagnosis Programs 12/2003 Surveyed over 300 clinicians at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare using the CODECAT and COMPASS to identify organizational and training deficiencies that need to be addressed to more effectively serve a dually-diagnosed clinical population. Applied survey research methodology and synthesized the data to produce meaningful results for the entire agency, by department and by shift. • Columns: o Police Benevolent Association’s Roll Call 2003-present o Police One 10/01-present o Alachua Today 1/2001-3/2002 • Article: Privilege v. Confidentiality: Issues in Mental Health Services: 5/99 Police Stressline Journal, April, 1999 Issue

Privacy Policies: At  All CEUs, we value your privacy.  We do not sell, rent or otherwise disseminate your contact information to any other parties, except as required by statute or law.

Computer Requirements: In order to view your certificates and read many of the texts, you will need to have either Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader installed on your computer.  Both of these programs are free. The Videos from the National Institute of Health (NIH) require Real Player.  None of the other videos require any downloads.