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Welcome to Please view our video site tour. This answers many of our most common questions.

As an educator, mother, wife, program administrator and clinician, I understand the immense demands placed on your time and budget. I created to provide you with the most up-to-date information in an easy to access format in order to encourage you to continue learning even after you have received your CEs for the renewal period. In compliance with the regulations of the Florida Certification Board,  and the state of Florida’s Board for Mental Health and Marriage and Family Counseling and Social Work, we are providing the following information:

Mission To provide cost and time effective classes that enable practitioners to stay up-to-date so they can apply current research in their practices. was created to provide busy professionals the continuing training needed to keep abreast of new developments in the field. We create 80% of our trainings from current best-practices literature or research from professional journals. By providing the information online, in .mp3 or video format and using adaptive learning quizzes, we not only appeal to a variety of learning styles, but also can meet the demands of organizations and professionals in private practice who cannot afford to take time off to go to conferences. Finally, it is our desire to increase the rate of knowledge dissemination and encourage professionals to translate research to practice.

Target Audience These programs are targeted to licensed mental health professionals, professional and paraprofessional addictions counselors, school counselors and nurses working with persons with mental illness or addictions.

Schedule and Format Courses are available online 24-hours per day. Each course will consist of a text that is usually downloadable (usually in .pdf format), an adaptive learning quiz to help you master the information, a course test to take when you have finished reading and studying the material and, on course longer than 4 hours, a video, outline and/or a PowerPoint. The videos, PowerPoints, outlines and .mp3 files are designed for you to use as study aids, not as replacements for reading the material. We guarantee that there will be at least one medical errors, one 4 hour HIV course, one course on domestic violence and one course on ethics.

Fees All online material,  quizzes and certificates are included.  A few courses have recommended texts, but those are optional.  Fees are subject to change without notice. Current subscribers may receive coupons via email prior to their renewal. This program provides you with unlimited access to CEs for a flat annual rate. There is a $5 per certificate fee for fixing certificates that have incorrect information because you failed to update your profile, or for us emailing you a copy of your certificate because you failed to save a copy on your computer and your subscription lapsed.   Instructions for updating your profile can be found in the video site tour. The only way information can be added to your certificate and uploaded to CE broker correctly is through an accurate profile. Accounts are periodically audited to ensure people are not sharing accounts. If multiple people have been issued certificates from a single account, it will immediately be shut down and you will be billed at the rate of $8 per credit hour for every CEU not issued to the original subscriber. See “Legal Information” below for more information. While we are very flattered when people choose to re-use our material, you are prohibited from using our presentations in any event in which you are being paid or in which you are providing continuing education credits.  Free community education sessions are fine.  If you wish to use our material for a fee-based class, please contact us.  The fee to purchase a course is $399/credit hour.

Cancellation/Refund Policy You have 2 days after you subscribe to evaluate the site and request a refund. If you have been a member for more than 48 hours, or have taken any quizzes, you automatically forfeit your right to a refund.

Credentials of Instructor(s) All quizzes will be derived from information from printed texts that come from credible sources such as refereed journals, text books and the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Dr. Snipes received her PhD. In Counselor Education and is Licensed in Florida as a Mental Health Counselor. She has worked for nearly a decade in community mental health as both a line clinician and a program administrator.

Set of Instructions for Completing the Program and Earning the Hours To earn your hours is simple. 1. Read the designated text 2. Take the “Course Exam.” 3. Once you pass the “Course Exam” with at least an 80%, click on the “Certificate” link. 4. Print and Save your certificate. We maintain a grade book with each persons total CEUs. For those people licensed in Florida, we upload your CEUs every 90 days to CE Broker.

Optional Study Aids PowerPoints, videos and outlines are often provided to aid you in studying the material. These recordings provide an overview of the material to be learned, and are available free at

General Information We were founded to provide accessible, affordable CEUs that encourage professionals to stay up to date on current research and best practices.

Contact Person Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

Funding We are completely self-funded.

Operational Policies and Procedures: All information comes from refereed journals, published best practices and recognized professionals in the field (i.e. Kathryn Zerbe for eating disorders). The tests are compiled by Dr. Snipes who received her doctorate in Counselor Education.

Describe record keeping policies and who will sign the certificates for the participants. Certificates are produced automatically once the participant achieves a score of 80% or better on the course exam. If they are unable to access a printer, they need to send us a written request and a self-addressed stamped envelope and a certificate can be mailed to them. Records are stored on our server. They are backed up every 24-hours on our server and a mirrored server, and a hard copy made every month. All records will be kept for a minimum of 7 years

Ongoing Evaluation: Each course has an evaluation at the end as required by various boards.

Explain how offerings will be revised and need for additional subjects determined. As new information becomes available, old courses will be made inactive and replaced with new. Additionally, topics indicated in the professional journals and by consumer request will be added.

Home Study/Online/Correspondence Courses: Identify the procedures you will use to determine the number of contact hours to be awarded. Continuing education offered solely through written means (e.g., home study courses) is subject to application of the following criteria where the course/article must meet the minimum number of words/questions in order to obtain the stated number of hours. This is determined by the Commission for Rehabilitation Counselor Certification guidelines.

Identify the length of time the participant has to complete the course. Participants login using their username and password. They have an unlimited amount of time to complete the course, but access to the course is governed by the length of their subscription.  Should additional time be needed, participants can resubscribe.  They only receive a certificate if they complete the course exam with a score of 80% or better.

Good Faith Studying:  We require students to make an honest effort.   This means you should study the materials provided for the courses you are taking. Cheating or “Christmas Treeing” tests is no allowed. Violations will result in your account being locked.

Brief long range plan. To provide affordable access to nurses and counselors to assist them in improving their counseling, assessment and interpersonal skills.

Plan for ongoing evaluation. Through participant feedback, we will determine the preferred journals, preferred learning tools and work to make our site as user-friendly as possible.

Legal Information We have made every effort to provide accurate information on the site. By subscribing, you are affirming that you understand that it is your responsibility to verify our courses are accepted by your board. No information contained within the site should be construed to be a substitute for formal consultation/supervision. Additionally, you agree to hold harmless CDS Ventures, LLC, , its owners and affiliates from any harm direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional which results from the use of this site. You accept that uses a learning management system that is provided as-is, without warranty. Further, you agree that any and all legal matters will be handled within the court system in Alachua County, Florida .

Instructor/Clinical Director Credentials Dawn-Elise Snipes 1633 W. Main St. Lebanon, TN 37087 E-mail:

Education • University of Florida Department of Counselor Education: PhD, 12/2002 Dissertation: Differences in the Perception and Impact of Occupational Stressors Among Emergency Service Personnel • University of Florida: Master of Health Science Rehabilitation Counseling: August, 1997 Completed Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with an emphasis on addictions • University of Florida: Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology: June, 1993 Completed Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on behavior modification and health. Certifications • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor: #35520 • Approved Clinical Supervisor for licensees under F.S. 490/490 • Licensed Mental Health Counselor: #MH6287 • Nationally Certified Counselor: #53429 • Certified Victim Advocate State of Florida 1999-2000 Professional Societies • Chi Sigma Iota: National Counseling Honor Society: 1997 • American Rehabilitation Counseling Association: 1996 • American Counseling Association: 1997 to 2002 • Alachua County Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team 2002 Relevant Employment • University of Florida Department of Counselor Education Lecturer Taught graduate substance abuse and eating disorders counseling classes. Wrote and taught undergraduate online classes: stress management and alcohol and drug awareness. Hired to assist the department in developing a an online graduate program offering certification in addictions counseling Supervisor: Harry Daniels • Meridian Behavioral Healthcare: 1/97 to 6/2006. Program Director IV: Residential, Intensive Outpatient, Aftercare and Dependency Drug Court, Adult and Children’s outpatient services at the Gainesville, Starke and Lake Butler Clinics o Recruit, hire, train, discipline, provide supervision to, schedule and audit a staff of 15-21 o Restructure internship program and recruit, train, supervise and schedule interns/volunteers o Recruit for and maintain the clients and billable hours in assigned programs o Manage budget resources for all programs ensuring adequate earnings in each cost center o Ensure clinical quality and professional development o Write grants for mental health and substance abuse programs o Create a 60-hour on-line clinical enhancement training to ensure that all clinical and case management staff are cross-trained in working with addictions and mental health issues. Supervisor: Richard Anderson • Dawn-Elise Enterprises, Inc. 2000-2005 Owner, Senior Clinical Supervisor, PhD, LMHC, CRC Private practice in wellness-based counseling and education with the belief that small changes in one area can produce multiple, reciprocal changes in all other areas of functioning. The focus is on providing cost-effective, non-threatening counseling, consultation and education to people who are dealing with issues of stress, anxiety, burnout, depression and other stress-related somatic complaints and disabilities. Psychoeducation and support groups are provided in a HIPAA compliant on-line format. Dr. Snipes has been on the provider panel for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AvMed, Health Options, Cigna and Medicaid and provided educational, intervention and counseling services via phone, online and face-to-face methods. • Eighth Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem 1999-2000 Case Coordinator for Criminal Cases in the 8th Circuit Recruited, trained and managed volunteer case counselors. Managed the VOCA grant that funded the position. Attended court, assisted victims with filing for compensation. Supervisor: Margaret Macgauley Michael Whiting could also speak to my performance • Central Florida Community College: 5/01 to 8/01 Adjunct Professor I taught Personal Wellness, a class focusing on emotional, mental and physical stress management and the systemic effects of stress on people and society. Supervisor: Chuck Gonzalez • University of Florida: 4/99-8/2002 Salary: $1,600/class plus tuition waiver Graduate Assistant, Ph.D. (can) o Taught undergraduate Stress and Anxiety Management and Substance Abuse Education to classes of 50 to 100 students. This class is approached from a systemic wellness perspective focusing on emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational causes of and remedies for stress and addiction and their reciprocal effects on every other area of wellness. o Involved in peer counseling with students. o Provided group and individual clinical supervision to mental health counseling students. Supervisor: Dr. Harry Daniels, Department Chair Committee Chair: Dr. James Archer Jr. • Institute of Public Safety Santa Fe Community College 2000-2001 Instructor for the academy and continuing training for local departments Taught the interpersonal skills block and other classes related to counseling, stress management, crisis intervention and mental health. Supervisor: Dr. Blalock; Tscharne Senn Grants • Wrote and managed the VOCA grant for the 8th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem: 10/1999. • Wrote the following grants for Meridian Behavioral Healthcare: o Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program: October 2003 o Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership Grant: May 2004 o Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders/SAMHSA Grant: November 2004 o SAMHSA Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant: January 2005 o Department of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Grant: February 2005 o SAMHSA Targeted Capacity Expansion Grant for Elders: March 2005 o Success by Six Grant from United Way Publications and Research • Research Project: Effect of the Media on Body Image 10/2004 Co-authored with Elizabeth Sullivan • Research Project: Organizational Needs and Attitudes Regarding Dual Diagnosis Programs 12/2003 Surveyed over 300 clinicians at Meridian Behavioral Healthcare using the CODECAT and COMPASS to identify organizational and training deficiencies that need to be addressed to more effectively serve a dually-diagnosed clinical population. Applied survey research methodology and synthesized the data to produce meaningful results for the entire agency, by department and by shift. • Columns: o Police Benevolent Association’s Roll Call 2003-present o Police One 10/01-present o Alachua Today 1/2001-3/2002 • Article: Privilege v. Confidentiality: Issues in Mental Health Services: 5/99 Police Stressline Journal, April, 1999 Issue

Privacy Policies: At  All CEUs, we value your privacy.  We do not sell, rent or otherwise disseminate your contact information to any other parties, except as required by statute or law.

Computer Requirements: In order to view your certificates and read many of the texts, you will need to have either Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader installed on your computer.  Both of these programs are free. The Videos from the National Institute of Health (NIH) require Real Player.  None of the other videos require any downloads.

Privacy Policies

  1. Introduction

Effective Date: June 15, 2018

We at a subsidiary of CDS Ventures LLC (“AllCEUs,” “we” or “us”) respect your concerns about privacy and value the relationship we have with you. This Privacy and Cookie Notice applies to personal information we collect through any online interface (e.g., website, mobile application, or other interactive service) that contains a link to this Notice authorized by us (the “Site(s)”). This Notice also applies to personal information we receive outside of our Sites, e.g., contact information we receive at trade shows, business meetings or through publicly available websites or publications.

This Privacy Notice describes the types of personal information we collect, how we may use the information, with whom we may share it and the choices available to you regarding our use of the information. We also describe the measures we take to safeguard the information and tell you how to contact us about our privacy practices.

European Union (EU) Individuals only: if you are in the EU, when we use personal data about you related to us offering you products or services or where we follow your actions within the EU (“EU Processing”) we will do so as relevant EU law allows including by providing further information about that EU Processing in the sections of this Privacy Notice marked “Note to EU Individuals only”. Subject to those sections, the rest of this Privacy Notice still applies to you but these sections do not apply to anyone else.

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2.Information We Collect

We may obtain certain personal information (such as name and other contact details) when you choose to provide it to us, when it is publicly available, automatically from our Sites or from third parties. The types of personal information we may collect include:

  • contact information, such as your name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number;
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In addition, when you visit our Sites, we may collect certain information by automated means, such as cookies and web beacons. The information we collect in this manner includes IP address, browser characteristics, device characteristics, operating system, language preferences, referring URLs, information on actions taken on our Sites, and dates and times of visits to the Sites. By collecting this information, we can better understand activity on our Site learn how to best tailor our Sites to our visitors. While we generally examine such information only in the aggregate, such information could be linked back to individual IP addresses or other information about you. For more information on cookies, see the next section.  We do utilize and collect data via Google Analytics.

Note to EU Individuals only: We will only retain your personal data obtained through EU Processing for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes of use, see the How We Use The Information We Collect section below, including as necessary for addressing any legal, accounting, or reporting risks or requirements related to them, for example the limitation period for which legal claims can be made in court and archival purposes. To determine the appropriate retention period for personal data, we also consider the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure, the purposes of use and whether we can achieve those purposes through other means.

Note to Canadian Individuals only: We retain personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, or to otherwise meet a valid legal or business requirement or need.

  1. Cookies and Online Tracking

A “cookie” is a text file that websites send to a visitor’s computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor’s browser or to store information or settings in the browser. We use two kinds of cookies on the Sites: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies exist only for as long as your browser remains open. Once you exit your browser, they disappear. Persistent cookies, in contrast, last from visit to visit; they remain on your hard drive after you exit your browser. The cookies used on the Sites include those which are strictly necessary cookies for access and navigation, cookies that track usage (performance cookies), remember your choices (functionality cookies), and cookies that provide you with targeted content or advertising (described more below under “Interest-based Advertising”). Your browser may tell you how to be notified when you receive certain types of cookies or how to restrict or disable certain types of cookies. Please note, however, that without cookies, you may not be able to use all of the features of our Sites.

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Interest-based Advertising

We may collect information about your online activities for use in providing you with advertising about products and services tailored to your individual interests. This section of our Privacy and Cookie Notice provides details and explains how to exercise your choices.

You may see certain ads on other websites or in your emails based on your visits to our Sites and third-party sites because we participate in advertising networks administered by third-party vendors, such as Google AdWords. Ad networks allow us to target our messaging to users considering demographic data, users’ inferred interests and browsing context. These networks track your online activities over time by collecting information through automated means, including through the use of cookies, web server logs and web beacons. The networks use this information to show you advertisements that are tailored to your individual interests, to track your browser across multiple websites, and to build a profile of your web browsing. The information our ad network vendors collect includes information about your visits to websites that participate in the vendors’ advertising networks, such as the pages or advertisements you view and the actions you take on the websites. This data collection takes place both on our Sites and on third-party websites that participate in the ad networks. This process also helps us track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Some of our advertising and content partners that may access and use cookies and other data through our Sites are set out below with information about their privacy and opt-out practices. You can also delete and/or block specific cookies from your browser (as explained above):

  • Google (“Google”): allows us to monitor how visitors use our sites and also allows us to serve personalized ads which uses personal information such as, but not limited to, geolocation, in order to serve the user ads on non AllCEUs Sites. For more information on their privacy practices and their use of cookies, please see here. To opt-out, see here.
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You can also obtain more information about interest-based advertising, and how to opt-out of receiving interest-based ads from participating third-party providers and ad networks, through the following:

For Users in the US: (Network Advertising Initiative) (Digital Advertising Alliance)

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Opting out of participating providers and ad networks does not opt you out of being served advertising. If you opt-out, we will not send you targeted ads based on behavioral information we or our partners have obtained about you, but you may continue to receive generic or contextual ads on our Sites.

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We also use third-party web analytics services on our Sites, such as Google Analytics. These service providers help us analyze how users use our Sites. The information collected for this purpose (including your IP address and other information collected by automated means) will be disclosed to or collected directly by these service providers. These service providers may retain and use non-personally identifiable collected from users of our Sites in connection with their own businesses, including in order to improve their products and services. To learn more about opting out of data collection through Google Analytics, click the links below:

  • Google Analytics:

You can withdraw your consent and opt-out of the use of cookies and online tracking at any time by following the links above or you can delete and/or block specific cookies from your browser but some features of the Sites may not function fully or correctly as a result.

You may also be able to limit the association of your mobile device with your online activities by resetting the advertiser ID on your Apple or Android device. For more information about how to change these settings go to:

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The Sites may also offer you the ability to interact with plugins from social media sites like Facebook, in order to allow you to or share your experiences with your online social network. These services collect persistent identifiers through your browser or mobile operating system. If you have previously provided personally identifiable information to third-party sites, that third-party may recognize you here. Your use of social network plugins is subject to each social media site’s privacy policy, which may be different from ours, so please read these policies to assess and understand your options. We have no control over or access to the information that is collected, stored, or used by third-party plugins. If you engage with our content on or through third-party social media sites, you may allow us to have access to certain information associated with your social media account (e.g., name, username, email address, profile picture) to deliver the content or as part of the operation of the plug-in or application. For more information on Facebook’s privacy practices please see here.

These Sites are not designed to respond to “do not track” signals received from browsers.

  1. How We Use The Information We Collect

We may use the information we obtain to:

– create and manage your account;

– offer and provide products, services and tailored information to you, including email newsletters;

– permit you to take courses

– communicate with you about, and administer your participation in, special events, programs, surveys, contests, sweepstakes, and other offers or promotions;

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– process claims we receive in connection with our products and services;

– operate, evaluate and improve our business (including developing new products and services; managing our communications; determining the effectiveness of our sales, marketing and advertising; analyzing and enhancing our products, services and Sites; and performing accounting, auditing, billing, reconciliation and collection activities);

– perform data analyses and other processing (including market and consumer research, and trend analysis);

– protect against, identify and prevent fraud and other criminal activity, claims and other liabilities; and

– comply with and enforce applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards and our policies and where otherwise permitted or required by applicable law.

In addition, we use information collected online through cookies, web beacons and other automated means for the purposes described in the Cookies and Online Tracking section above such as: (i) recognizing your computer when you visit the Sites; (ii) tracking you as you navigate the Sites, and to enable the use of any e-commerce facilities; (iii) improving the Sites’ usability; (iv) analyzing the use of the Sites; (v) administration of the Sites; and (vi) personalizing the Sites for you, including targeting content and advertisements which may be of particular interest to you. We also use this information to help diagnose technical and service problems, administer our Sites, identify users of our Sites, and gather demographic information about our users.

Note to EU Individuals only: Our EU Processing for the above purposes will be on the basis that it is necessary: (i) for our legitimate interests where these do not override your own interests, rights and freedoms and our legitimate interests include the operation of the Sites and our other business activities in an effective and efficient manner in order to publish and promote our products and services, our business and our brand and to provide you with, or to engage with you in order to be able to provide others, with interesting, engaging and appropriate content, events and activities; (ii) to perform a contract we have entered into or are about to enter into with you personally; or (iii) to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and requests. In rare, emergency situations we may use your personal data for your or someone else's vital interests. We generally do not rely on your consent as the basis for our EU Processing other than in relation to: (i) the use of cookies (see the Cookies and Online Tracking section above); and (ii) to send you marketing emails (see the Your Choices section below); and we will inform you specifically when we seek to obtain consent from you as well as your ability to withdraw that consent at any time. In some cases there may be overlap between these different bases. In compliance with the above, please note that we may undertake some EU Processing without your specific knowledge or consent where this is required or permitted by law, but if you would like more information about our EU Processing please contact us at any time. Unless otherwise required or permitted by law, before we begin EU Processing of your personal data for a purpose unrelated to those above, we will notify you and explain the legal basis which allows us to do so.

  1. Information We Share

We may share the information you provide with companies that are related to AllCEUs through common ownership.

We may also engage in joint marketing activities with selected third parties..

Note to EU Individuals only and Canadian Individuals only: We do not share your personal data with affiliated or unaffiliated third parties for them to contact you with email marketing about their products or services or for joint email marketing purposes without having obtained your prior opt-in consent (see the Your Choices section below).

Unless you have opted out, we may also share certain information such as your email address with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other third parties so that we can serve targeted ads and content to you and others with similar interests on such third parties’ respective sites (see the Your Choices section below for more information on how to opt out). These third parties use the data to help target our ads to you and others. This is called custom audiences and matching.

We share personal information with third parties who perform services on our behalf. For example: when you make a purchase, we may share information about you and your transaction with other companies for the purpose of processing your transaction, and we may retain outside companies to manage databases of customer information, to provide advertising services and to distribute e-mail offerings.

Our Sites may feature blogs, forums, discussion groups and comments. Please be aware that some or all of the information you provide (including personally identifiable information) in connection with these activities may be made publicly available.

We or our U.S., Canadian and other service providers also may disclose information about you: (i) if we are permitted or required to do so by law, regulation or legal process (such as in response to a court order or subpoena, which may include lawful access by U.S., Canadian or other foreign governmental authorities, courts or law enforcement agencies); (ii) in response to requests by government agencies, such as law enforcement authorities; or (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity. We reserve the right to transfer any information we have about you in the event of a prospective or completed merger, sale or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets (including in the event of a reorganization, dissolution or liquidation). Should such a sale or transfer occur, we will provide such entity with this Privacy and Cookie Notice so that they are aware of the terms hereunder.

  1. Links to Other Websites

Our Sites may contain links to other websites for your convenience and information. These may include, without limitation, some of the blogs and forums to which you are provided access through the Sites. These websites may be operated by companies not affiliated with us. Linked websites may have their own privacy policies or notices, which we strongly suggest you review if you visit any linked websites. We are not responsible for the content of any websites that are not affiliated with AllCEUs, any use of those websites, or the privacy practices of those websites.

  1. Children’s Privacy

The Sites are intended for a general audience of adult readers and is not intended for children. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13 on our Site. We use technical measures intended to prevent the collection of such information from children under 13. If we become aware that we have inadvertently received personal information from a visitor under the age of 13 on our Site, we will delete the information from our records.

Note to EU Individuals only: We do not knowingly conduct EU Processing of the personal data of children in the EU under the age of 16 without parental consent.

  1. How We Protect Personal Information

We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards designed to protect the personal information you provide against accidental, unlawful or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use. We have procedures to deal with any suspected data security breach and will notify you and/or any applicable regulator or supervisory authority or other governmental entity where we are legally required to do so.

Note to EU Individuals only: We provide the Sites and operate our business from the U.S. where the law may not provide the same level of data or privacy protection as your home territory. Where however, we are conducting EU Processing, we will ensure appropriate safeguards are put in place to protect your personal data which give personal data the same protection it has in Europe, as applicable see

  1. Your Choices

If you receive a marketing email from us, you can follow the unsubscribe link in each of our e-mail marketing communications to opt-out of receiving the specific type of marketing email (i.e., a particular newsletter) or all marketing emails from CDS Ventures, LLC.  Please note that you may continue to receive certain transactional messages from us.

We also give you the option of requesting that AllCEUs not share your personal information such as your email address with third parties that are unrelated by common ownership with AllCEUs for marketing use. Send us an e-mail with your name and e-mail address(es) if you DO NOT want us to share your personal information with unrelated third parties for their own marketing use

We also give you the option of requesting that AllCEUs not use your information for marketing purposes, or share your information with related companies for marketing use. Send us an e-mail with your name and e-mail address(es), if you do not want us to use your information for our marketing purposes, including sharing your email address with third parties to advertise our products on such third party sites by using your email address to create custom audiences and matching, or sharing your information with related companies for marketing use. However, if you send us an opt-out e-mail request, PLEASE NOTE that, unless you indicate to us which of our divisions/senders/entities you would like to opt-out of, you will be opted out of marketing use by all off the CDS Ventures, LLC entities. That means that you will not receive our e-newsletters or information from us about podcasts, books, promotions, and services.

Please be aware that we are able to effectuate an opt-out only for a specific e-mail address. So, if you have more than one e-mail address or if you have changed your email address, your opt-out request may not be effectuated for any email address that you have not identified in your opt-out request. If you believe you have opted out, but continue to receive e-mails from us, please contact us by one of the means listed under the How to Contact Us section below, and we will endeavor to resolve the issue.

Note to EU Individuals only: You have legal rights in respect of our EU Processing of personal data, including the right to: (i) request access to the personal data that we hold about you and, in some cases and where technically feasible, you have the right to have your personal data transferred to a third party in a machine-readable format; (ii) ask us to limit or cease using or erase the personal data that we hold about you in certain circumstances and in responding to such requests, we will explain to you the impact of such restrictions or deletions, for example, on our ability to provide all the functions of the Sites to you; (iii) ask us to rectify any inaccurate data we may hold about you – and you can inform of us of any changes to your personal details for us to make; (iv) object to us using your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interests (where relevant) and to ask us not to use your personal data for marketing purposes (so, if you have opted in, you can subsequently withdraw your consent to marketing whether by us or by third parties at any time by clicking the links above ) – see both the How We Use Your Information section and this section above; and (v) lodge a complaint about us to the relevant supervisory authority for personal data, e.g., in the UK this is Information Commissioner’s Office ( You may action your rights at any time by contacting us using the details set out in this Notice and we will comply with your requests unless we have a lawful reason not to do so and within a reasonable period and, in any event, we will respond to you (even if we require an extension of time) within one month of the original request. Prior to meeting such requests, we may require you to confirm your identity by providing approved identification. We will not charge you unless your request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, in which case we may refuse to comply.

  1. International Transfers

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  1. Updates To Our Online Privacy Notice

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