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Face-to-Face Workshops

5 days/ 35  CEs of  traditional classroom training for up to 75 employees at a time (That’s the equivalent of 2625 CEs) ….  $9000 is all inclusive.  It covers 5 full days of presentations, CEUs, instructor travel*   We will tailor the workshop content to meet your needs.


Topics can include motivational enhancement therapy, counseling interventions and techniques, group counseling, sex addiction treatment, ethics, domestic violence awareness, suicide awareness and prevention, verbal crisis de-escalation, clinical supervision, or any of a myriad of other topics.  Peruse our course catalog to get ideas.


You can have one group come in the morning and another in the afternoon, or have half come Monday/Tuesday and half on Wednesday/Thursday, or any other combination that works for your agency.  We can even do an evening set of trainings for your night shift.

Additionally, you can advertise and invite people from other agencies, and charge a registration fee.  Your agency would keep all of the registration proceeds, which can help offset the cost of the training.

Arrange a Workshop

To arrange a workshop, send a support request with your name and contact number or email to, and Dr. Snipes will respond to you promptly.


Courses are provided by an NAADAC and Florida Board Approved Continuing Education Provider.  AllCEUs is also approved by the States of Texas, Georgia and Connecticut among others.

*$9000 is based on the national average cost to travel.  If your location is in an exceptionally high-cost area (i.e. New York, DC) there may be additional fees added to your rate.