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12 Rules for Life
Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP, LMHC Continuing Education
Rule 1: PAVE
 PAVE the way to healthy relationships by being assertive in your verbal and nonverbal communication
 Present yourself confidently
 Aware of your feelings and ideas
 Validate the other person’s feelings and thoughts as valid
 Explore ways to cooperate, compromise or synergize
 Develop a healthy relationship with yourself by meeting your VISCERAL needs.
 Validating
 Intimate / connected / aware
 Safe
 Consistent / predictable
 Encouraging / nurturing
 Responsive to needs
 Accountable / trustworthy
 Love (unconditional)

Rule 3: CHAKRA
 Develop your friendship CHAKRA with people who want the best for you
 Communication
 Honesty
 Awareness
 Kindness
 Respect
 Attitude of Gratitude
Rule 4: GOALS
 Be better today than you were yesterday with GOALS
 Goals
 Own your successes
 Appreciate your uniqueness
 Your journey is different that everyone else’s
 Learn from others
 Instead of asking why am I not as successful as X, ask what steps can I take to achieve success (learn from others without comparing yourself to them)
 Seek support in implementation
Rule 5: FACTS
 Use factual, not emotion focused reasoning
 Facts (Identify them)
 Accuracy (Assess for)
 Context (Consider it)
 Triggering (Past events)
 Solutions (Brainstorm)

Rule 6: FATE
 Focus on the things you can change, starting from within instead of leaving it up to random FATE
 Feelings
 Actions
 Thoughts
 Expectations

Rule 7: ACT
 Always ACT purposefully (long term vs. short term rewards)
 Assess the facts
 Consider the short- and long-term consequences of your options (play the tape through)
 Is what I am getting ready to do or doing using my energy to help me move toward the things that are important?
 Is what I am getting ready to do or doing stealing energy from those things that are important?
 Take action

Rule 8: THINK
 THINK before you speak
 Truthful
 Honest
 Inspirational
 Necessary
 Kind
Rule 9: FINE
 You will be FINE if you learn from everyone and every experience
 Flexible / willing to alter your perceptions
 Inquisitive / curious / expect they know things you don’t
 Nonjudgmental / openminded
 Empathetic / recognizing their experience is different than yours

Rule 10: CARDS
 Create abundance by playing your CARDS right.
 Cooperation
 Awareness of strengths and cost-benefit
 Respect
 Diligence
 Synergize
Rule 11:SHINE
 SHINE to Keep a sound body to support a sound mind
 Sleep
 Healthcare
 Immunity
 Nutrition
 Exercise
Rule 12: SHEEP
 Practice random acts of kindness. Be gentle like SHEEP
 Share with those less fortunate
 Help someone do something
 Encourage one another
 Expressions of love for all living creatures (Feed the birds, pet a cat, hug a friend, leave a nice note)
 Pick up
 While these 12 rules do not address everything they can certainly get you well on the way to a happier, healthier life.
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