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Empathy helps you explore their reality through their eyes Detachment allows you to know clearly where you end and they begin so you can step in and out without getting stuck or overwhelmed In during session and out at the end In during an intense moment then out to process what is being said Nonjudgement Loving Kindness Meditation: May you be safe, well and at peace Increase your awareness and before and after session examine and confront the automatic thoughts “You should/shouldn’t…” What are at least 3 reasons why the person didn’t or couldn’t (TIC) In what ways do the persons thoughts, feelings and behaviors make sense from a survival or a skills & knowledge point of view? Evaluate your rapport and effectiveness with people with whom you interact nonjudgmentally and those with whom you are judgmental. Nonjudgmental empathy is essential to understanding the experience from the person’s point of view They have probably already heard all of the judgmental thoughts going through your head Detachment allows us to maintain boundaries while still experiencing empathy Helpful listening means hearing the person’s experience (not our interpretation of it), listening to understand what their thoughts, feelings and behaviors mean and helping them identify strategies to move toward a rich and meaningful life as they define it