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Group/Family/Individual Activity Supplies

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-Mental health is a biopsychosocial issue
-A healthy body, positive emotional experiences, effective thinking strategies, positive environments and healthy interpersonal relationships are essential
-A weakness in any of these areas can contribute to extended distress and HPA-Axis dysregulation which can lead to mental health or addiction relapse.

Additional Resources
Group activities
Pain Management
Thinking Errors:
7 Habits for Mental Health:
Perspective and Radical Acceptance
Environmental Strategies:
Positive Environments and Energy:
Nature Therapy:
Love Languages:
Self Esteem:
Boundaries and Authenticity:

Group/Family/Individual Activity Supplies
– Beach ball: Each color is a different PACER dimension.
– Tell me one thing you can do in this area to improve your recovery
– Tell me one thing in this area you struggled with this week and what you did to address it
– Multicolored note cards that correspond with Jenga blocks or Twister Dots
– Green: Physical (What is the HPA-Axis?)
– Yellow: Affective/Cognitive (Identify and address the cognitive distortion. )
– Blue: Environmental
– Red: Relational (one way to improve self esteem)
Activity Supplies
– Taboo cards made with index cards (mindfulness, HPA-Axis, proteins, water, sleep, adenosine, awe, forgiveness)
– Package tags and crayons or markers and a branch or a decorated box for gratitude
– Decorated box or jar for “shelving” that which we cannot control
– Family Feud Poster Boards
– What are the top 10 ways to improve sleep / manage pain/improve nutrition
– What are the top 5 ways that sleep helps improve mental and physical health
Activity Supplies
– Plant a garden (IOP). Each client plants a plant that represents their recovery. Each day clients start the session watering and weeding the plant and discuss what they did to water and weed their goal.
– Construction paper for chain links, “brick pavers” or flowers
– Envelopes, strips of paper and pens for self esteem activity
– Paper for Mindfulness fortune tellers
– Relapse is a return to a prior state of being
– We return to old people, places, things, behaviors which make us vulnerable to relapse when
– We experience physical or emotional distress (HALT)
– We are NOT experiencing happiness
Enhancing Mental Health to Prevent Relapse
– Physical—
– Sleep
– Nutrition
– Circadian Rhythms
– Medication
– Minimize drugs: Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine
– Pain Management
– Relaxation / Sharpen the saw
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