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The internet provides an immense amount of information, although not all credible.
Constant novelty of the internet can serve as an escape

Video games, online gambling, online shopping and pornography all have the potential to become problematic
Social media also has an addictive quality that can cause withdrawal and exacerbate mood disorders and/or addictions
What Makes a Video Game Addictive
High Score
Beating the Game
No Ending to the Game – i.e. Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)
Role Playing
A good portion of World of Warcraft is spent exploring imaginary worlds, and Minecraft is spent designing new worlds
A place to anonymously try out different personas

Like other addictions, internet addiction can have physical, social, financial and emotional consequences
In our digital age, it is highly unlikely that people can completely unplug.
Similar to other behavioral addictions like eating and sex, it is necessary to identify the motivations behind the internet use
Additionally, by its very rewarding nature, internet addiction will cause neurochemical imbalances which can lead to depression and apathy.

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