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Buy Books and Help Dogs & Cats, Soldiers, Children and People with Addictions!

Download digital copies of Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes' books for just $2.99 each, or $10 to download all of the current books and any additional books she publishes for 1 year.  ~30% of the total proceeds from the sale of the digital versions of the books from this website ($.80/book) will be donated as follows: $0.20 to the Animal Rescue Corps,  $0.20 to Reading is Fundamental a children's literacy non-profit;  and $0.20 will go to Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet and $.20 to the Herren Project for Treatment Recovery and Prevention of Substance Use Disorders

While $0.20 per book per charity does not sound like a lot, over 100,000 of you are connected to me on YouTube and LinkedIn.  If each one of you buys just one book, then we would be donating over $80,000 this year ($20,000 to each charity).



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