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AllCEUs Reviews and Testimonials


As a requirement of all of our accrediting bodies, we provide customer satisfaction surveys at the end of each course.  Since 2006, we have provided training to over 10,000 clinicians, and consistently earned an approval score of over 99%.


Survey Questions

  • Was the material provided relevant to your practice?
  • Was the instructor knowledgeable?
  • Did the course meet your expectations?
  • Was the course material understandable?
  • If you used customer support, were they helpful?


We realize that you have many options when it comes to CEUs and not only do we take customer satisfaction seriously, but we also LOVE what we do.  As you can see, our support email is at the bottom of each page.  It is also in the classroom and students have a link to Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes' personal chat page.


We want to hear from you to know:

  • What course topics are you interested in?
  • If you want live webinars, would you prefer 1 hour or 3 hour sessions?
  • Our classroom is mobile compliant so you can take courses on just about any device, but are there other ways we can make getting your CEUs easier?  (Sorry, we can't convince states to change their policies if they don't allow online CEUs 🙁 )