Are you for real?

Yes we are.  AllCEUs Continuing Education has been providing counseling continuing education and addictions precertification training since 2006.  We have served over 8000 people in 13 countries.    Our owner and Executive Director, Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes is a clinician and counselor educator.  She believes it is our ethical responsibility to make affordable precertification and  continuing education available.  The $99 unlimited membership is designed as a self-study.  That is, we create the material once (texts, videos, quiz, instant certificates etc.) upload it to our learning management system (LMS) and then you purchase access to the courses.  There are no mandatory texts to buy, no additional charges for taking the quiz more than once or for printing multiple copies of your certificates.   You always have customer service available, but in the $99 unlimited CEU package you do not have graded assignments or a teacher to regularly interact with.  If you choose one of the more expensive certification tracks, again, the material is created and uploaded, but there are graded assignments on which you are provided feedback to help you apply the information.  Additionally, you instructor has “virtual office” hours 6 hours per week.  You can login or call during those office hours to get your questions answered.


Are you approved in my state?

The short answer is probably.  ALL of our courses are approved for CEUs by NBCC, NAADAC, CAADAC and CBBS.  47 of the 50 states accept courses from NBCC approved providers for continuing education.  Our NBCC number is #6261.   43 of 50 states accept courses approved by NAADAC for chemical dependency and addictions counselor precertification training and continuing education.  We are also approved by the ADACB of Georgia;  CAADAC and CBBS in California, and the Florida Board of Nursing.  You can login to our approvals page to check.


Is the one year subscription a calendar year or one year from the date I sign up?

One year from the date you sign up.


Do you offer group discounts?

Yes.  If you have a group of 5 or more people, we can offer group discounts.  The more people you sign up at once, the greater the discount.


How do I get my certificates?

Once you take the course and pass the exam with at least an 80% you will be able to print your certificate.   In every class, there is a link just below the exam link that says “Certificate of Completion” click on that and your certificate will pop up.  You can print your certificate and save a copy on your computer.


Do you provide on-site training?

Yes.  We can do a “virtual on-site” training in which we host a live webmeeting with your organization, or we can come to your location.  Contact Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes at dr.snipes {at}allceus.com or call 800-892-0816  to discuss options. Virtual trainings are smaller and much more interactive.  We can host up to 7 people via video chat for a flat rate of $120 per hour.


Can I request a course?

We are always adding to our library of courses.  Currently we have over 500 hours of online training available.  You can submit a support ticket and we will do our best to get the courses up as quickly as possible.  A typical text-based 4-hour course without video can usually be created in less than a month.  One with video may take a bit longer.


Are you hiring instructors?

We are always looking for new talent to write course for us.  If you are interested, please email HR{at}allceus.com with your resume and a cover letter, including your areas of specialty, and courses you are interested in writing.  If it appears to be a good fit, we will contract with you and being giving you course assignments. Compensation is $150 for every 2-hour course you create which is accepted.  Once you submit your course, our editorial team will review it and send it back for any necessary corrections.  Once it is complete, we will let you know the course has been accepted and send you payment.

For every 2-hour segment, there must be 20 pages of reading material.  This can include public domain .pdfs from websites such as NIDA, SAMHSA and CDC.  Additionally, for every 2-hour segment, there must be a 15-20 slide powerpoint and 10 multiple-choice test questions.